What’s your problem? Medvedev was insulted in Canada, the Russian described a heated conflict

From the footage that circulated on social networks, it was clear that one of those present shouted “you fool” at Medvedev after his defeat by Nick Kyrgios in the outer areas of the court.

The Russian, who was walking past the barricades of people, suddenly turned and headed for the fan to personally apologize for his outburst.

“After that match I was quite disappointed, adrenaline was bubbling in me, and suddenly someone is making fun of me,” Medvedev recalled the incident at the press conference for the ongoing tournament in Cincinnati.

“And if someone makes fun of me, whether on the court, on the street or at my home, I will react,” warned the number one player in the world.

According to his version of events, the screaming fan’s father also verbally attacked him.

“I went up to the guy and said, ‘What’s your problem?’ Why do you say such things? But he barely spoke English. I told him that he simply shouldn’t do this,” said the 26-year-old tennis player.

“People around him appealed to him that he should apologize to me. Nevermind. However, I was quite surprised that his father also shouted something at me,” wondered the native of Moscow.

And he urged parents to raise their children to be more respectful. “I don’t know when or if I will have children myself. But I certainly wouldn’t raise them in such a way that they shout some bad things at someone else,” Medvědev added.



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