“What an idiot! He only knows how to drive when he goes first »

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton unearthed their rivalry during the Belgian Grand Prix. The Spaniard, who started third, had a collision with the Briton in one of the first corners of the Spa circuit.

The Mercedes closed at Alpine and the wheels of both touched, which caused the English car to jump into the air in a spectacular scene, before going off the asphalt and having to abandon the race.

Alonso continued in competition and when he passed close to his rival he gave him several hand gestures. In addition, the following was heard on the Asturian’s radio: «What an idiot! Closing the door from the outside. He only knows how to drive when he goes first ».

Later, after a new victory for Verstappen, Alonso lowered his speech without the helmet. “For me, it was a bit of a mistake on his part. Closing the door like this in turn five… in turn five we have seen many parallels, the same thing happened with Rosberg a few years ago, it’s the same,” he said.

“He thought it wasn’t there anymore, so it’s a mistake, nothing more. At the moment, hot, with the slipstream you can’t keep in mind where all the cars are. But normally I try to be more careful, “said the Spaniard, who finished fifth.

Hamilton, on the other hand, was more upset with his rival’s words. “I know how things are in the heat of the moment, but you better get what you think of me out there. It was not deliberate, I take responsibility; It’s what adults do », the pilot commented to the Sky network after the Grand Prix, in addition to assuring that Alonso’s words changed his plan: « No, I would have gone until I heard what he said ».


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