Westbrook’s departure confirmed for the Lakers? The statement that ignites the web!

Under pressure next year, the Lakers will have no room for error given the fiasco of last season. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are expected to guide the franchise, while Russell Westbrook may not be present. Nobody has the answer yet, even if the last declaration of Jeanie Buss sows doubt.

Disappointing for his first campaign in the City of Angels, Russell Westbrook could be traded in the coming weeks by the Lakers, who are still looking for a way to improve their roster. There are also two first draft rounds to use to try to find the right player, but Rob Pelinka stalls at this point. What is certain ? Patrick Beverley is not the last reinforcement of the offseason for the Angelinos.

For Westbrook, a trade would be terrible news. He could land in a rebuilding team that will not necessarily want him, like the Jazz for example. Next ? An arrival on the market, with a lack of interest from franchises. The best case scenario for him is probably to stay in Los Angeles and wake up, mentored by Darvin Ham.

Russell Westbrook sentenced to the Lakers?

Problem ? His future is not long-term with the Angelinos. We don’t know if he will be traded before the resumption, but everything suggests that he won’t be there in a year, at most. Franchise owner Jeanie Buss spoke on the Lakers roster, without mentioning Russ once in the plans. A strong message for the leader, already almost forgotten.

We changed coaches, all to have a new voice in the locker room. We hope to continue to have an injury-free roster. We want to see Anthony Davis on the floor all season, and without physical problems. When we have Davis and LeBron, we know great things can happen. They also need good players on their side to fill the other roles. We have someone like Kendrick Nunn who missed last season, and a lot of young players. Until we see how this team is going to play, we need to help Darvin Ham with the resources to get this roster up and running.

Buss is clearly optimistic about the future, but something is wrong with that speech: Westbrook’s absence. He is not mentioned alongside the other two stars, or among the players capable of helping. Some have not failed to note this oversight:

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss hasn’t mentioned Russell Westbrook regarding the team’s future plans… Will Westbrook leave the Lakers?

Will Russell Westbrook stay with the Lakers for a long time? In any case, it is clear that the franchise is not betting on him for the long term. It remains to be seen how the star will take it, even if Darvin Ham still believes in him. This soap opera is not over.



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