Werder Bremen: Bratwurst, beer & Co. are so expensive in the Weser Stadium!

Bremen – A cool beer, a crispy bratwurst – for many football fans this combination is part of a visit to the stadium. This is no different for many supporters of SV Werder Bremen. When the Wohninvest Weserstadion opens its doors for the first time in the new Bundesliga season on Saturday before the game against VfB Stuttgart (3:30 p.m.), the spectators will have to dig a little deeper into their pockets to strengthen themselves. Food Affairs GmbH, which is responsible for the catering there, is significantly increasing the prices for drinks and food for the new season.

Especially when Bier it will be for the fans of Werder Bremen considerably more expensive: Half a liter costs in Wohninvest Weser Stadium 5.50 euros instead of the previous 4.90 euros. So the green-whites are in Bundesliga-Comparison together with the FC Bayern Munich leader. the Prices for soft drinks (0.5 litres), on the other hand, there is a slightly more moderate increase from 4.50 euros to 4.80 euros in the Arena, half a liter of water continues to cost 4.00 euros. More money also changes hands at the grill. for one bratwurst will have to pay 3.70 euros instead of 3.50 euros in future, and a currywurst is available for 4.00 euros instead of 3.80 euros. The price for a portion of fries has increased by ten cents to EUR 3.30, while a portion of falafel will continue to cost EUR 4.50.

Werder Bremen: The price of beer increases to 5.50 euros in the Wohninvest Weserstadion – bratwurst now costs 3.70 euros

Food-Affairs-Regional manager and stadium manager Björn Thies justifies the adjusted Prices in conversation with the DeichStube with significantly increased energy, personnel and supplier costs. “Of course, the fans find the price increases unpleasant, but the connections must also be seen. Our suppliers have increased their prices by an average of 20 to 30 percent and at the same time our personnel costs have increased.”

The nearly 600 employees who work at the Wohninvest Weser Stadium are on duty will be paid at least 13.50 euros per hour in the new season. “We are well above the current standard wage of 11.00 euros per hour in Bremen’s gastronomy,” says Thorsten Lieder, Head of the Public Department Food Affairs. Better pay was a concern for the company and not due to the lack of staff in the catering industry. “We have many students among our employees who of course think carefully about which part-time job they choose in order to earn 450 euros a month. With the higher hourly wage, we want to give them the opportunity to achieve this amount.”

Werder Bremen: Higher personnel and supplier costs are the reason for rising prices in the Wohninvest Weserstadion

With two home game days of the SV Werder Bremen more than half of the 450 euros can already be earned per month, and the staff would also be asked if necessary for other events, for example in the ÖVB Arena, explain those responsible. “When we get there, we realize that we made the right decision. Nevertheless, we are still looking for staff,” says Lieder. Problem: For many potential employees, the prospect of the pandemic autumn is too hot because in the Wohninvest Weser Stadium there may be spectator restrictions or ghost games. “In order to be able to plan better in the fall, it would be desirable for us and our business if a clear signal were to come from politics,” says Lieder. Despite the corona pandemic and energy crisis, the adjusted prices for food and drinks in the stadium should remain stable for this season, says Björn Thies.

Food Affairs In the course of this, also pay attention to possible savings, especially in energy costs. “We’ve already paid attention to where we can make savings in the past, but the energy crisis has definitely sharpened our senses,” affirms Thies. Only recently had Werder Bremen informed that the refrigerators will be switched off between matchdays and that the air conditioning in the offices will not be operated this summer. At Food Affairs, cold stores have therefore been combined for products where the cold chain must not be interrupted.

Bundesliga ranking: Werder Bremen is the second most expensive beer – bratwurst price in the league average

A look at that BundesligaThe ranking of beer and bratwurst prices meanwhile shows that it is also significantly cheaper than in Bremen. Eintracht Frankfurt fans only pay 4.40 euros for half a litre Bier – and thus over a euro less than the Werder supporters. The beer is also relatively cheap at 4.50 euros for 1. FC Union Berlin, VfB Stuttgart and Borussia Mönchengladbach. In the bratwurst the country Werder Bremen against with one Preis of 3.70 euros in the middle. The sausage is the most expensive at 5.00 euros at Bayern Munich, and the cheapest at 3.00 euros at 1. FC Union Berlin. (naw)

Beer and bratwurst prices in the Bundesliga ranking*

1. FC Bayern Munich: beer 5.50 euros, 5.00 euros

SV Werder Bremen: Beer 5.50 euros, bratwurst 3.70 euros

3. Hertha BSC Berlin: Bier 4,90 Euro, Bratwurst 4,20 Euro

1. FC Köln: beer 4.90 euros, bratwurst 4.10 euros

VfL Wolfsburg: beer 4.90 euros, bratwurst 3.80 euros

1. FSV Mainz 05: beer 4.90 euros, bratwurst 3.50 euros

7. VfL Bochum: beer 4.80 euros, bratwurst 3.50

8. TSG Hoffenheim: Bier 4,70 Euro, Bratwurst 3,90 Euro

RB Leipzig: beer 4.70 euros, bratwurst 3.70 euros

Borussia Dortmund: beer 4.70 euros, bratwurst 3.30 euros

11. Bayer Leverkusen: beer 4.60 euros, bratwurst 3.90 euros

SC Freiburg: Bier 4,60 Euro, Bratwurst 3,30 Euro

FC Schalke 04: beer 4.60 euros, bratwurst 3.10 euros

14. VfB Stuttgart: beer 4.50 euros, bratwurst 3.80 euros

Borussia Mönchengladbach: beer 4.50 euros, bratwurst 3.50 euros

FC Augsburg: beer 4.50 euros, bratwurst 3.50

1. FC Union Berlin: Bier 4,50 Euro, Bratwurst 3 Euro

18. Eintracht Frankfurt: beer 4.40 euros, bratwurst 3.80 euros

*Ranking sorted by beer prices



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