We don’t burn anything, yet

Football is a state of mind. And being from Espanyol, a rollercoaster of contradictory moods. We have gone from the greatest of optimisms (because of the success in choosing the coach and because of the majority of casualties) to announcing a certain relegation before the start of the competition. Let’s try to calm it down a bit. First of all, the bet on Diego Martínez was shared by all members of the club. We no longer wanted a good manager: we needed someone who would shake up the team – and in turn the club -, someone who would lead a change in culture, who would break with this sleepy conformism that has accompanied us for so many years. Someone, in short, who believed in us more than we believed in ourselves. A leader who would offer us a story and results. The story is clear and has a point of support: the star is the team. And the results, we will have to wait for the competition to start: in the pre-season there are no points at stake. There is no reason to stop trusting Diego Martínez. Therefore, there is no reason to abandon optimism.



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