“We are very happy, more than 400 girls and boys from the city participated,” said Navarro

Along these lines, Navarro said that they will open “a room to assist athletes. We see that there is a lot of sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. Since we opened the bodybuilding room we have noticed this. We will be working with a kinesiologist, a nutritionist and a teacher. Accompanying training and routines”.

and stated that “There are a lot of people who started to do physical activity in the pandemic. We reached a point where many had to make the decision to walk, even if it is.”

He also stressed that they inaugurated “the climbing room. It allows those who do the activity in summer to continue training in the Cochocho arena during the winter. We all want to carry out activities there, because it is the largest space we have.”

Navarro also assured that they are “working hard to add value to the spaces. We are going to work on the Ana Karelovich pool, which is more than 50 years old. We are changing the lawn of Hugo Lumbreras, we finished the changing rooms of Cocol Gómez. We expect a very good season of works in sports infrastructure”.

In addition, he announced that “500 boys and girls will come to compete in rhythmic gymnastics. We are with the ice hockey tournament. It ends at 1 in the morning and the stands are still full. The children’s tournament was a success. Now it is more competitive, there is more friction and on Friday it will be more beautiful”.

Lastly, Navarro stressed thate “women’s sports have developed greatly. Women’s futsal has grown greatly, as have judo and basketball. Women began to participate much more in club sports activities and committees. Karate and swimming are also growing a lot and faster.”

“Today women have a great participation not only in activities for minors. We also have hockey and volleyball for women over 30 years of age. Not only playing, but also participating and making important decisions. I am pleased that there is a great participation. We were all men meeting and making decisions, today the table has women,” he concluded.



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