VIDEO. Paraplegic skydiver near death after getting tangled in his parachute

This is a jump that Kevin Philipp is not likely to forget anytime soon. Nothing went as planned this Wednesday, July 27, when this paraplegic athlete, of Swiss origin, performed a figure in the air, after an acrobatic paragliding jump in Organya, Spain. Suddenly caught in “strong turbulence”, his safety brake jammed. His parachute refused to open and he then became entangled in the cables during the fall.

While keeping his composure, the man, in free fall, managed in extremis to deploy his reserve parachute, only a few seconds before touching the ground.

Equipped with a camera during his jump and filmed by people on the ground, Kevin Philipp unveiled the impressive images of this fall which could have ended badly, on his Instagram account and on his YouTube channel.

“Falling into the cables and the parachute sail made the deployment of the rescue parachute quite difficult, testifies Kévin on social networks. The speed of the fall was increasing due to the torsion of the sail. My very last chance was to manually open the reserve parachute”.



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