Victor Campenaerts has his one-day race in the Tour of Leuven | Tour of Leuven – Memorial Jef Scherens 2022

Tour of Leuven – Memorial Jef Scherens

road race Road racedistance 199 km
location 12:30: Leuven – 17:15: Leuven
trophy Victor Campenaerts


Victor Campenaerts (30) has donated important UCI points to Lotto-Soudal in the Tour of Leuven. Campenaerts recorded his first victory in a one-day race in Leuven (not counting time trials and stage victories in stage races). His team colored the race, the hour record holder beat Zdenek Stybar in a sprint with the two of them.

Vanmarcke and Lotto-Soudal join forces

The Tour of Leuven – a nod to the 2021 World Cup – brought many beautiful names to the start, including Zdenek Stybar, Alexander Kristoff and Arnaud De Lie. World champion Julian Alaphilippe was also at the appointment and was only too happy to repeat his World Cup triumph from last year.

Under a radiant sun, a leading group of 5 quickly formed, which was then increased to 9. Although the leaders never really got enough leeway, partly due to the hard work of Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl.

The peloton had to wait for movement and with 50 kilometers from the finish Vanmarcke threw the bat into the henhouse. Together with a few pawns from Lotto-Soudal and Stybar, a counterattack was put together. There was no longer any question of Alaphilippe.

Lepe Campenaerts surprises Stybar in the sprint

While Vanmarcke and co quickly picked up the early break, the peloton had to give up more and more space. Yet the decisive moment came with 24 kilometers from the finish. Van Moer tried to surprise everyone, but was reassembled by Stybar and Campenaerts.

The Belgian and the Czech went out together and did not look back. Campenaerts seemed like a bird for the cat in the sprint, but Stybar cleverly pushed his head in the final kilometre. The hour record holder came to character next to the Czech and then held on with a strong finishing punch.

Campenaerts also immediately gives Lotto-Soudal important points for the UCI classification.

Campenaerts: “I had confidence in my sprint”

“I really indicated this race. It is a course that I think is fantastic and that I know like the back of my hand. The team was also very motivated and we always had the upper hand,” said Victor Campenaerts in front of the camera.

“I was confident in my sprint, but it’s always difficult. I pushed Stybar in the front because he’s normally the fastest. But I knew I was good.”

Cycling isn’t just about winning. I realize that as I get older. It also means fun and friendship. For some people it also means entertainment, but in Africa it also means hope.”

“With my previous team, Qhubeka, there is also a project that is separate from cycling. They try to change people’s lives in Africa. Cycling can therefore also provide hope,” concluded the winner of the day.

Stybar: “Got cramp in the last 50 meters”

“I’m sitting here with mixed feelings. I’m very happy that I can race again for the victory after all my health problems,” said Stybar after the race.

“I really enjoyed the race and I also have great memories of this course because of the World Cup. It is of course a shame that I didn’t win, but in the last 50 meters I got cramps. But that’s sport.”

“On paper I may have been faster, but after such a tough race you know
never. That has been proven once again today. Of course Victor was also very strong today,” the Czech admitted.

Kristoff: “You can’t hide on this track”

“Maybe I could have won here, but I didn’t get enough support from the rest in the chase,” said Alexander Kristoff.

“I felt good and also tried to start myself. I feel that I came out of the Tour well. Last year during the World Cup I also learned that you can’t hide on this course, because you have to turn a lot and turn.”

“Staying calmly at the back of the pack is therefore not an option here. That is why I always stayed at the front, because I did not want to make the same mistake as during the World Cup.”

“This is a good start after my Tour break. I still have a lot of racing to go in August. So hopefully I can still show my good legs,” the Norwegian finished.

  1. 17 hours 27. Strong Victor Campenaerts beats Zdenek Stybar in the sprint in Leuven.

    Strong Victor Campenaerts beats Zdenek Stybar in the sprint in Leuven

  2. 5 p.m. 26. Campenaerts triumphs in Leuven! Like a devil from a box, Viktor Campenaerts takes the longest in a sprint between dying swans. On character, the Belgian comes next to Stybar and then reassembles the Czech with an ultimate effort. .
  3. 5:25 p.m. Stybar turns on first. .
  4. 17 hours 24. Stybar starts in the lead, Campenaerts doesn’t make a sound for the time being. .
  5. 17 hours 24. 1 kilometer to go. There’s the last mile! Who will start the sprint first? .
  6. 17 hours 21. Stybar stands on the pedals for a while, but seems to be making a mock attack. Campenaerts continues to stick to the wheel of the Czech. .
  7. 5 p.m. 21. Money time! We are getting close to the moment of truth. Stybar or Campenaerts, who will be the successor of the Italian Bonifazio? The beckoning can begin soon. .
  8. 17 hours 18. Campenaerts can’t get Stybar off on Wijnpersstraat.

    Campenaerts can’t get Stybar off on the Wijnpersstraat

  9. Dying swans. With a speed of around 60 kilometers Stybar and Campenaerts race towards the finish. Meanwhile, Van Gestel, Van Moer and Kristoff give chase. Although everyone seems to be on the gums. . 17 hours 18.
  10. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. Campenaerts on the surprise! At the Wijnpers, Campenaerts tries it with a surprising failure. Stybar has lost the wheel of the Belgian for a while, but then comes back to join. Both riders do not release each other for a fin. .
  11. 17 hours 16. Campenaerts and Stybar will soon be able to decide among themselves who will take the win. On paper, Campenaerts seems like a bird for the cat, but strange things can always happen in a sprint with two. .
  12. 5 pm 14. There’s Kristoff! With just under 10 kilometers to drive, Alexander Kristoff also shows himself. The Norwegian tries to increase the pace in the chasing group again, but nobody gets along. .
  13. 17h09. Alaphilippe doesn’t seem to have his best legs yet and has never really been able to play a leading role today. The Frenchman clearly still lacks some race rhythm to get back to his old self. .
  14. 5 p.m. 07. Last round. The bell sounds in Leuven and Stybar and Campenaerts start the last round of this Tour of Leuven. Still with just over half a minute of bonus, the two leaders look set to battle for the win. .
  15. 17 hours 04. Stybar and Campenaerts are two good riders who understand each other. Jose DeCauwer.
  16. 17 hours 03. It is now quiet again in the chasing group, because suddenly the two leaders see their lead increase to 24 seconds. Anyone else conjuring up a counterattack out of the hat? .
  17. 10″. Stybar and Campenaerts have a bonus of ten seconds on the peloton with all the other favourites. With 20 kilometers to go, nothing has been decided yet here. . 16 hours 59.
  18. 4 p.m. 58. The collaboration between Stybar and Campenaerts does not appear to be a great one. Both riders look at each other intently, but then pick up the pace again. .
  19. 4 pm 53. Campenaerts and Stybar riebedebie! Brent Van Moer thinks his moment has come on the Keizersberg, but is being reassembled by Stybar and Campenaerts. With 24 kilometers to go, the 2 set out on their own. .
  20. 16 hours 53. Campenaerts and Stybar leave alone.

    Campenaerts and Stybar run off alone



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