Unusual reaction of a father of a family in the middle of a children’s tournament match in Cartagena, VIDEO | football curiosities

What was supposed to be a children’s soccer party in Cartagena ended up being tarnished by an act of intolerance. There were moments of panic.

It all happened in the middle of a sporting match in the sub-9 category, between Squad and Lyon de Arjona, on the field in the San Fernando neighborhood, when a father apparently upset by a referee’s decision decided to draw his firearm and make the least five shots into the air, according to witness accounts.

A video is circulating on social networks, in which children are seen running terrified to get to safety, while some shots are heard. In a matter of seconds, the court where the match was taking place was left completely alone.

The Universal of Cartagena, said that it was a father of a family who apparently was upset with an arbitration decision and decided to activate his weapon. With the rapid reaction of the Police they managed to capture two men, and apparently one of them did not have the safe conduct.

From the Bolívar Soccer League they assured that they will take measures after what happened this weekend in the city. In a conversation with El Universal, the president of the League, Carlos Mario Cortés, assured that “the respective disciplinary measures will be taken by the Disciplinary Court of the Bolívar Soccer League, but immediately the team (Squad) will be expelled from the tournament as The regulations say so. Very unfortunate that a category of 9-year-olds passes that.”

Fortunately, this act of intolerance did not leave anyone injured.



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