UnipolSai Fortitudo has 11 consecutive victories

Sweep of Frignani’s men on the Hort @ Godo. 4-2, 3-8 and 1-5 the results of the 3 matches.

The good moment of UnipolSai Fortitudo baseball continues, which thanks to 3 victories over Hort @ Godo reaches 11 consecutive victories. The weekend of Frignani’s men begins with a 4 to 2 victory in Romagna thanks to the excellent test of the mound made up of Rivero and Gonzalez, authors of 17 strikeouts in the face of only 3 valid jokes allowed. The 3 fortitude attacks between 3 and 5 innings that produce the 4 decisive signatures for the match are fundamental. The first meeting at the ” Falchi ” instead, sees the Bolognese attack direct the match in his favor in the 4th and 6th second half, supported by an almost perfect Bassani in the final 3 innings of the match that sanction the final 3 to 8. The last challenge of the triptych saw Naldoni’s men take the lead in the first inning but then with 3 points in the third round, Fortitudo took the lead and won the match 1 to 5.


Ready go and the hosts of Godo take the lead with Vallejo Guillen. Even in the third inning, Alessandro Grimaudo gets even with a 1-point home run. The following recovery, however, the single with full bases of Agretti who pushes home the 2 points of the Bolognese advantage. The momentary 4 to 1 arrives in the 5 biancoblu attack with the hits in sequence by Josephina (single) and Gonzalez (double). The hosts try to shorten the distance in the last attack at their disposal with the double of Monari who pushes Servidei M. to the point, but the strikeouts on Tanesini and Servidei L. put an end to the match.

MVP of the match: Filippo Agretti with 1 valid on 3 rounds and 2 points beaten at home.


Unlike the game on Friday, Fortitudo took the lead in the first inning with the jokes of Josephina and Martini who scored Paolini (double) and Bertossi (hit). In the second inning comes the extension biancoblu with the single from Paolini that sends Grimaudo (base ball) to the point. At the change of court, however, the response of Naldoni’s men arrives with 3 points that impact the match. The new Bolognese advantage comes in the lower part of the 4 inning thanks to the hits of Dreni and Gonzalez who bring the Fortitudo forward by 3 lengths. On the mountain of the hosts Bassani climbs who brakes the guest clubs and then, in the 6th round, Frignani’s men close the match with the hits of Grimaudo and Liberatore for the final 3 to 8.



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