Union wins 2-1 against Anderlecht, and remains the bane of Mauves

In the second period, the yellows and blues set off again to attack the purple cage. It takes a huge Van Crombrugge to avoid the correction.

The Anderlecht doorman made an incredible save in the 50th. Lazarus Amani tries to lob Van Crombrugge who is level with his penalty spot. The purple captain makes a magnificent save backwards to avoid the 3rd Unionist goal.

A few seconds later he fends off a Vanzeir missile at point-blank range. Anderlecht have their feet full, but the Union can’t make the break.

The last quarter of an hour is 100% purple… In the 82nd minute, a foul by Burgess offers a penalty to Anderlecht… penalty finally canceled by the VAR following an offside position by Stroeykens.

The sequel and the end… it’s a Anthony Moris imperial which resists the purple assaults… And a second penalty awarded to Anderlecht… followed by a new intervention by the VAR which transformed this penalty kick into a free kick.

Anderlecht drank the chalice to the dregs. The Mauves bow logically (2-1).

Happy Mazzu therefore failed to defeat the Indian sign. The Union signed its fifth victory in a row this Sunday against Sporting Anderlecht.

In the general classification of the Pro League, the Union is 5th with 10 points, one unit more than Anderlecht.



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