Union sees Champions League dream shattered after cursed evening in Glasgow | UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

Nothing seemed wrong…

Everything seemed to depend on the opening quarter. How sharp and fired up by the twelfth man did the Rangers start the game? As expected fierce, but not deadly. It was not efficient and failed to put together a big chance.

Okay, there was Colak’s header after 10 minutes, but he had to wait until his second header, on the half hour, for real danger on target. Moris stood by and saved Rangers from the mental boost.

Things were starting to look rosier for Union. Van Bronckhorst’s skin color started to fade, Ibrox became quieter and quieter and the Rangers themselves started making mistakes out of frustration.

Though fate was not on Union’s side tonight. Siebe Van Der Heyden touched the ball with his arm on a high cross, the Greek referee did not hesitate and pointed to the spot.

A gift that Captain Tavernier was only too happy to unwrap. He put Moris on the wrong track and just before half-time he unexpectedly blasted Rangers to the much-needed lead.

Even after the break, the Rangers continued to struggle with football. Yet after the first big chance, after fifteen minutes, it was already price. Moris’s first save on a close shot by Arfield was a sham as Colak mercilessly headed in the rebound.

And as if things couldn’t get any worse, Moris made a complete mistake on the final shot. Another high cross that was misjudged: Moris came out wrong and Tillman headed the ball into the goal in front of him.

Union was still looking for the connection goal and possible extensions. But it followed its trend throughout the game: despite the high pressure from the Rangers, it was never able to continue on the counter. In the end, Lazare was shown another red card.

Glasgow thus became the early final stop of the Champions League for the Unionists, but a place in the Europa League group stage is also a nice legacy after the fantastic first season back in first division.



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