Unexpected troubles of the athlete, his natural hair was falling out while running. He finished last

Italian decathlete Alberto Nonino will probably never forget this race. The 18-year-old athlete had unexpected problems during the 400m race at the World Junior Championships when his underwear fell out.

Although Alberto Nonino was not among the favorites in the 400 meter run, he still wanted to run the best possible result, which would bring him a decent number of points for the decathlon competition.

But a truly bizarre thing happened to him in the run-up. The Italian athlete started and had to deal with unexpected problems from the very first meters when his underwear started to fall out.

Nonino reacted quickly and started to hide his “gear” back in a full sprint, but it cost him precious time. The 18-year-old decathlete entered the last corner as the first, but eventually fell to last place.

​Alberto Nonino finished 15th overall at the Junior World Championships in Cali, winning the decathlon 7,054 points. But this incident will haunt him for a long time. “I’m trying to laugh about it now, but right after the race I felt awful,” the Italian told his fans on social networks.

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