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TVNET: Raimonds Feldmanis, coach of the 3×3 basketball Olympic champions, has joined the Ukrainian national team. What are his qualities that are useful to you at work?

I’m always interested in the outside view – how we look, what can be changed, what can be done differently. I like his opinion – it is important and interesting for me. Now he may have less work because two new Ukrainian coaches have joined us. It is individual work with players in team training.

TVNET: I would also like to talk a little about the Latvian national team. Under the leadership of Italian coach Lukas Banki, the dry statistics are nine wins and one loss in official matches. What are your observations on how he has changed the team and what is the key to his success?

I don’t want to say that something has changed drastically. The important thing is that all the players who now form the core of the national team – Rihards Lomažs, Dairis Bertāns and others – all have game practice in the clubs on a daily basis. We remember that the already mentioned Lomažs and Bertāns were in good clubs with the previous coaches, but did not play much. They are now functionally ready to play. It is certain that Luka has introduced his point of view. Every coach has his own vision, he has to stand for it. He chooses those players who will give him a result. Surely some player doesn’t like it. It is the coach’s prerogative to choose which players to trust, with whom to go to battle.

TVNET: He seems to be evaluating all the players with a fresh perspective without any background. Do you agree?



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