UdeC defeats the UBB and starts a semester that will have a great milestone

In a match corresponding to a rescheduling of Adesup, the University of Concepción beat the University of Bío-Bío 98-43in game developed in the House of Sport.

El Campanil had on the field with four two-time champion students of the National Basketball League (Sebastián Carrasco Barría, Kinesiology; Andrés Domínguez Domínguez, Pedagogy in Physical Education; Juan Pablo Alvarado Sanzana, Industrial Civil Engineering and Michael Rivera Bustamante, Pedagogy in Physical Education), the latter being also team captain.

Con partials of 21-11, 26-10, 22-8 and 29-14those led by Cipriano Nunez Sepulveda They continue to show, as is the history of the UdeC in this type of local tournament, that they lead without major setbacks.

Inside conversions were led by Carrasco and Dominguez, with 26 and 17 points, respectively, followed by Marcelo Murillo (8), Gianluca Polidori (6), Michael Rivera (6) and Vasco Toro (6). Renato Figueroa, Cristóbal Venegas, Patricio Soto, Sebastian Henriquez and Ronald Sanhueza also saw action.

All these parties serve thinking about the objective of this group of students for 2022. After three years of suspension, the National University Championships.

Specifically in basketball, The University of Concepción will receive the prestigious tournament at the Casa del Deporte, starting on October 16 and ending on the 21 of that month.

Many titles have the main penquista studio in the tournaments that have been organized for some time by the National University Sports FederationFenaude, which adds to the roster rich in experience in even bigger competitions, such as the National Basketball League.

El Campanil has the responsibility to leave the title at home. It won’t be easy. At the national level —in the university context— there are always surprises. The UdeC basketball players, who will move to the University of Viña del Mar just weeks before, with the same goal in mind, will also carry the label of favorites.



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