Tyler Dorsey wants to take advantage of the Euro alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo to show off

The mantra of Tyler Dorsey ? Take things” year by year ” and see ” what is happening “. Next year, the former Olympiacos back will see what will happen in Dallas, where he has signed a “two-way contract”. An important step awaits him before that, if he is well retained in the final selection: the Euro in September with Greece.

The rear drafted in 2017 (41st choice of the Hawks) has the particularity of having been naturalized a few years ago. As early as 2015, he appeared with the Greek selection, as a junior, during the U19 world championship where he shone with 16 points on average. His youth team had finished 4th at the time.

« I have a lot to do, to prove to the coaches. It’s a daily job. And I show it everyday “, Displays today the 26-year-old player, who preferred to retry the NBA adventure while Olympiacos and Fenerbahce were still interested in his services. Fener whose coach is none other than the national coach, Dimitris Itoudis.

« He knows my game well. The chemistry between us is excellent. He’s a great trainer. […] I try to acquire knowledge from everywhere. The opportunity to be coached by him is great. Fenerbahçe was definitely an option. It could have happened. But the NBA opened the door a little bit and Dallas took the opportunity to offer me (this contract) and I wasn’t going to refuse it. »

Learn from Giannis

In addition to the coach, he will be able to take advantage of the exposure linked to his teammate Giannis Antetokounmpoone of the superstars of this competition with Luka Doncic et Nikola Jokic.

« It’s great to have the opportunity to play with a great player like him and learn from him. As (costs) Sloukas is a great player. I can’t wait to get to know him. His story is wonderful. It’s crazy to see where he is today “, continues the one for whom it is a” honor to put on this jersey.

And unlike his prestigious teammate, who prefers to remain cautious, the California native is optimistic about the medal objective. ” It feels good to be here, to have the talent we have on this team and to have the possibility of obtaining this medal. We want to do it, that’s the goal. It’s a process, we have to move forward day by day. That’s the goal but there’s no pressure. »

His personal pressure is however probably a little more important than the others.



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