Two Amazons in Cambodia for a solidarity project in Douarnenez – Douarnenez

Anne-Lise Cariou is a doctor at the palliative care unit in Douarnenez, Marie-Sophie Carette is an engineer in Normandy and since the covid period they wanted to do a “sister thing” together. “Something between the two of us, simply, which the distance, the job and the children make very difficult in normal times”, indicates the first. The sisters then decided to participate in the Raid Amazones, this 100% female event which combines sporting events and the discovery of a country through solidarity actions.

They will thus be at the start of the event in Cambodia in March 2023. the bow, actions in schools and a discovery of the country, all the same! “, describes Anne-Lise Cariou. Like a wink, the duo from Finistère will have bib number 29 on their backs. Its members have called themselves the “Pennou Kalet”, the hard-headed people who know what they want and intend to surpass themselves!

Highlight a beautiful project

Each team of Amazons can defend an association of their choice. The sisters wanted to defend the colors of Ti An Traezh (“House of the beach”), an association from Douarnenez which carries a project to create a house of life and respite in Finistère. The aim is to create a warm place, far from the hospital world, to accommodate 10 to 12 people suffering from serious illnesses such as advanced cancers, degenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis or advanced heart failure. “The pandemic has delayed the progress of the project because the Regional Health Agency has been overwhelmed by other issues, but we are counting on the Raid Amazones to bring it back to light, to give it credibility”, explains Anne-Lise.

Talking about our association at the foot of the temples of Angkor will be a source of pride

In full preparation for the adventure, the sisters are also focused on fundraising: registration for the Raid Amazones amounts to around €10,000 for two. Nine sponsors already support the “Pennou Kalet”, but the search continues. They are also organizing a childcare fair at the Jules-Verne room in Douarnenez on Sunday, September 11, in partnership with Ti An Traezh. This association, which for a long time was made up solely of caregivers, is seeing new profiles arrive, like Marie-Sophie, to give it a new lease of life. “We are all motivated to see the outcome of this project, and talking about our association at the foot of the temples of Angkor will be a source of pride”, summarizes Anne-Lise. No matter the sporting result of the raid, the important thing is elsewhere.


Page Facebook « The Pennou Kalet: on the way to the Raid Amazones “. For any information on the Raid Amazones adventure, registration for the fair or sponsorship:

Website of the Ti An Traezh association:



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