Tor San Lorenzo, success for the Asd Sport Dream and Power party at the Rielasinger park

(MeridianaNotizie) Ardea, 02 August 2022 – Great success for theAsd Sport Dream and Power at the Rielasinger park.

The event took place on Saturday 23 July in the popular district of Tor San Lorenzo, following the end of the year sportivo, in conjunction with the change of the belts of the boys.

A project that has been realized, thanks to the agreement stipulated with the Gold Flames judo Romewhich allows children to access one wonderful sport like judo.

“The support of the Gold Flames – comment from the company – has allowed us to implement courses of sport for children in serious economic and social difficulty, and the start of a course for children with different abilities, totally free “.

An important intervention on the territory of Ardea that strengthens the presence of legality and sport.

“We thank the municipal administration in the person of Mayor Fabrizio Cremonini – they add Asd Sport Dream and Power  – who sponsored the event and who intervened to support this project, as well as Raffaella Neoclitialso alongside the mayor, attended to testify that it is from them we must start to build, aggregation projects, social education, and above all ensuring accessible sport”.

“Our goals are determined by the current conditions of many young people and children who, for various reasons, remain excluded from what should be a right for them, to have an opportunity for social redemption – they conclude from society – sport is the engine that unites and helps to overcome barriers, in our case judo … luckily we have angels in uniform who support us. Melograno consortium and Mr. Cinelli Giuseppe “.



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