Today Dorados will face Fuerza Regia in the MBA

In the recent six games played in the MBA since the 2019-20 campaign in the National League, the representatives of Chihuahua and Monterrey have divided, after a 3-3 record at the Basketball Cathedral, while in the current campaign, Dorados has a record 2-0 at home, against Fuerza Regia’s 2-2 record on the road.

In turn, they arrive with the same number of points allowed with a total of 636 units in the eight games, averaging 79.5 points, although the royal squad has more in attack, adding 690 (86.2) against the 667 points (83.3) of the quintet Chihuahuan.

“Fuerza Regia is always a very strong team, hard to beat, always fighting for the finals, we are working very hard, maintaining the energy to face them in the best way”, stated Omar De Haro.

The Mexican player added that the team has a very wide rotation, also manifesting the chemistry in the team outside and inside the field, which has been verified in the current season.

Regarding the individual aspect, Donald Sims leads Dorados, averaging 22.6 points and 5.1 assists.

The South Americans Juan Brussino and Franco Giorgetti exceed 13 units in offense, in addition, the point guard of the Chihuahuan squad adds 5.1 assists per game.

The American Daviyon Draper accumulates 9.6 goals with 4.0 rebounds, for his part Marvin Jefferson raised his numbers to 7.1 points and 4.1 rebounds, while Israel Gutiérrez, who was summoned for the fourth FIBA ​​window for the Aztec team, contributes 6.6 points coupled with 8.3 rebounds , the third best in the professional national circuit.

The commitments in the capital of the Great State, will also represent the return of Cristian Cortés after being crowned in the State League with Dorados, in addition to the national team Gabriel Girón who was part of the LNBP squad during 2019.

“Dorados is so far the strongest team in the League and for us it is a special challenge. First, because Dorados is always the protagonist and because this year they have renewed the team. It will be an intense and beautiful series”, stressed Cristian Cortés

Fuerza Regia also has a vast roster, including six elements in double digits in points commanded by Rodney Green (14.0), Oderah Anosike (13.0), sharpshooter Gary Ricks (12.7), JJ Ávila (11.3), Daniel Bejarano (10.5) and Gabriel Girón (10.1).

In turn, point guard Paul Stoll adds 8.7 points with 4.8 assists, Cristian “Titi” Cortés with 5.7 units, distributing 4.7 assists.



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