Through parliamentary inquiries: AfD frustrated district office and Senate – districts – Berlin

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Simone Jacobius writes from TREPTOW-KÖPENICK:

  • Parliamentary questions are an important means in a democracy to make information from the administration transparent for the media and the public. However, this tool is not always used effectively. District expert Simone Jacobius reports in the newsletter how the AfD is causing frustration in the district office and Senate with strange inquiries.
    In addition, these topics are covered:
  • Equally committed to refugees and the forest band: a portrait of neighbor Birgit Hirsch
  • Environmental center at the Bohnsdorfer village green is on the brink
  • Years of history of the Fahlenberg Bridge
  • Big plans: A mixture of lifestyle and science, flair and progress is planned for Oberschöneweide
  • Free condoms and menstrual items in public restrooms
  • With the stand-up paddle in search of cooling
  • Müggel-Mortale in the seaside resort of Friedrichshagen
  • Family sports festival in Grünau
  • Bundesliga started with the local derby
  • Tremble in the next round in the DFB Cup

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Robert Klages writes from LICHTENBERG:

  • WWhich tree was planted in Lichtenberg in honor of the Queen
  • British ambassador pulls weeds in zoo
  • 2.1 per thousand: police officer causes drunk traffic accident
  • “Robert, are you alright?” when con artists called my parents
  • Panda offspring in the zoo
  • Tip: Lake festival at Orankesee

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