Three weeks before the EuroBasket, Giannis rolls over Spain in a friendly

The holidays for Giannis are well and truly over. A few weeks before the start of the next EuroBasket (September 1 to 18), the Greek superstar is slowly starting to warm up. Obviously, no ignition delay for the Greek Freak, since the number 34 of the Bucks literally walked on Spain Tuesday afternoon in a preparation match. A real demolition company with victory at the end.

Undoubtedly wishing to erase the bad memories of the last international campaigns, Greece welcomed Spain in order to best prepare their entry into the EuroBasket. The least we can say is that the Greek people are already boiling hot, since 15,000 people came to the Olympic Stadium in Athens. The opportunity for everyone to see a certain Antetokounmpo at work. Well, not Alex since the youngest of the Antetokounbro’s has just been removed from the selection, victim of a reduction in the list of preselected players. Probably not Thanasis either, since well… you understood what. No, the one the public is waiting for is none other than the double MVP of the Bucks, six-time All-Star and Wisconsin Sheriff-in-Chief, Mr. Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak is obviously not expecting anyone and takes advantage of the first moments of the match to set the tone. The interior swallows an offensive rebound in the middle of three Spaniards and slams a dunk that makes the room roar. The sequel is also substantially similar since number 34 sends everyone flying a little too close. True to his usual style, the Greek elbows the racket and scores without forcing. Too big, too powerful and too fast for overwhelmed Spaniards, Giannis even allows himself to play with his friends, like a nice pass to find Larentzakis in the corner. At half-time, the gap had already increased to 13 points in favor of Greece.

True boss of his team, the Greek Freak is expected at the turn at the end of the game and, oh surprise, does not disappoint at all. Better still, his fourth quarter is marked by total domination. Author of 11 points in the money time, Giannis crushes Spain almost single-handedly. No-look pass and powerful finishes, the interior flaunts its wide range. Daim will also gratify us with what strongly resembles the action of the evening. After an intercepted ball, Greece goes on the counter-attack and sends their number 34 to the alley-oop. Antetokounmpo then spreads his huge arms and slams a monster poster on poor Yankuba Sima, who finds himself with his buttocks on the ground. La Roja has just suffered the lightning of Zeus, and it stings hard. Finally, Hellas won logically and largely (86-70), in the wake of an imperial Giannis, who took the opportunity to establish his new personal scoring record with Greece. Race results? 31 pawns and 10 rebounds at 11/13 on the shoot in – hang on to everything that happens – 20 minutes of play. We can say without too many problems that the job is done.

After a convincing victory against Spain, Greece will have to continue to perform to go far in the Euro. In a group C made up of Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, Croatia and Great Britain, the Greeks have what it takes to hope to do well. One thing is certain, Hellas can count on a Giannis determined to give everything to fill an already stocked trophy cabinet a little more.

Sources texte : FIBA



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