Three hats and a missile to the goal: the viral goal of a Brazilian boy who is proposed as a candidate for the Puskas Award

The great goal of Davi Luiz, the 12-year-old boy who converted after three hats. His club asks that the goal be a candidate for the Puskas Award

Social networks were revolutionized with a great goal from a Brazilian boy named David Luiz Gomes, whose annotation they ask to be a candidate for the Puskas Award, which is given to the best goal of the year. The 12-year-old boy was the author of an anthology conversion that spread like wildfire after his club, Esporte Clube União, from Bela Vista de Minas, uploaded the video that went viral in a short time.

Davi received a lateral from the left and killed her in the chest. Then it was the only time that the ball bounced because before a defender’s mark he put a hat and then applied the same resource on two other occasions to be able to stay in front of the goalkeeper. As he advanced with his luxuries, the shouts grew in the stands and when it was time to finish off, he nailed it up and it was unattainable.

The match was played at the Comercial de Nova Era field and was for the Regional U-12 Cup. Despite the great goal, União drew 2-2 with Comercial. Davi plays for the Bela Vista team only on weekends and is a fan of Lionel Messi. In fact, on his Instagram profile, the Argentine crack is the only one to whom he dedicated a post.

Davi is 12 years old and they ask that his goal be a candidate for the Puskas Award (@davilluizgo)

the local site In General He published the video and asked that the goal be a candidate for the award that FIFA gives to the best goal of the year: “Al Puskas, floodable! Davi Luiz, only twelve years old, made this painting for Esporte Clube União, from Bela Vista de Minas-MG. The under-12 match was played at the Comercial, in Nova Era”.

“At that moment, when I gave him the first hat, I already thought of the other one, the other one came, messing everything up. I didn’t know they were recording it. A colleague of mine recorded it. I thought it was a normal goal, but after seeing it I said, ‘now let’s go’. I have the dream of being a player and I seek to reach the top”, Davi told the local media supersports.

David’s mother, Isidia Rosana Gomes, says she had no idea the size of the impact and comments on her son’s passion for the sport. “We are always following, me or the dad, sometimes the friend’s mom when we can’t. Even he walks from here to the court or rides his bike. My husband can accompany him on Saturdays.”

Isidia recalled how she decided that the boy would go to play for a club: “Davi likes to train and play. It is his dream. From a young age he had the ball, until he grew up with it. My things at home started to break, so I said, ‘you have to take this boy to the field, there is no room here’”.

Davi's post about Messi (@davilluizgo)
Davi’s post about Messi (@davilluizgo)

Davi dreams of becoming a professional and prays for it every day. They live in Rio Piracicaba, a town of 14,000 inhabitants located 130 kilometers from the state capital, Belo Horizonte. “We started wearing it, and the passion only increased. It is his dream, his prayer every night. His request is to become a professional player. We are very happy and down to earth. If it is the will of God and it has to be, it will be”, affirmed Isidia.

The video of the goal shared by In General in his Twitter account he already had more than a million reproductions and 18 thousand likes. It will be necessary to see if FIFA agrees to the request of the local media and the fans who supported the proposal that he be a candidate for the Puskas Award.

Whether or not he is a candidate, Davi remains down to earth. “I am following the repercussions. It would be a dream come true. It was my first goal. Now it’s time to put our feet on the ground, because I knew they would talk”, celebrated the boy, who said he is inspired by Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.




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