Thief pretended to be a basketball player and stole a luxury car | Sports

On many occasions, the fame of athletes leads them to have many problems due to the public impact that usually occurs. There are some who want to imitate them, who persecute them incessantly, who harass them through social networks, among other actions.

These days there was an unusual case in Spain, related to a recognized basketball player in the Iberian country. This is Khadim Sow, who would have suffered from impersonation of a thief, with the aim of stealing a luxury car.

As revealed by ‘El Mundo’, a man has posed as Khadim Sow, a young former Real Madrid basketball player, who is currently defending the shirt of the Swiss club BBC Nyon, to take a car valued at more than 40,000 euros without paying absolutely nothing.

As the European media reported, the friend of the alien would have arrived at a dealership in the city of Tarragona, in Spain, saying that he was the aforementioned player. In the process of buying a luxurious Audi R8, the local officials trusted that he was doing the payment process and let him leave with the car in his possession.

Moments later, the man would have called the store again to argue that the payment was difficult to make, since the account he managed was outside of Spain, but in Switzerland where his current club is.

“It is then that the car sales workshop itself begins to investigate and they realize that, in effect, they have been victims of a scam. The same individual had been arrested in a nightclub in Valencia after posing as the former Madrid player. The man, then, consumed cava and vodka worth 1,300 euros and left without paying the bill”, told the newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’, who followed up this controversial case in detail.



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