They started SportFest 2022 with a Judo camp

This is how sport is experienced intensely in Ciudad Juárez, with the practice of Judo within the framework of the 2022 Sport Fest festivities, which take place at the Bertha Chiu Municipal Gym

The President of the Municipal Judo League in Ciudad Juárez, Israel Lozada, reported that more than 100 boys, girls, youth and adults participated in the basic training of movement and fine motor skills, to strengthen falls and rolls .

It is about awakening all the reflexes that exist from a young age, related to elasticity movements, and balance techniques.

They will work daily until Saturday with different teachers from 8 Judo schools in this town, to continue on Sunday with a tournament of the specialty in the Plaza de la Mexicanidad.

“It is very good that they have given us the opportunity within the SportFest to make a camp to reinforce the knowledge and unify the level of Juárez, to continue with a tournament in its different categories,” he considered.

In turn, Professor Alejandro Andrés Alarcón Alarcón, said that they work intensely with the technical part and training for combat practice, so that they are well prepared for projections and falls, so that they have a good performance in competitions. .

Likewise, the sports activities related to Saolama, Wushu and Taekwondo continued this afternoon at the Lic. Benito Juárez García Adapted Gym, located in Parque Central Oriente.



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