They sow doubts about Tom Brady and his continuity: “I never saw him so sunk”

Tom Brady It was always clear to him that he was going to play until he was 45 years old. Recently, he was elated to have reached his goal after a retirement announcement that lasted just 40 days at the end of the 2021 season. He even had spectacular moments that were reminiscent of to the best Tom Brady during early preseason training. But an enigmatic absence for “non-urgent personal” reasons, as reported by the Bucsseem more serious than initially anticipated.

Ben Volin, ‘insider’ of the NFL and journalist for ‘The Boston Globe’ in charge of following the former quarterback of New England Patriotssays he has never seen him so “miserable”.

“I have serious doubts about where his head is at right now. He was terrific at 44 and I have no doubt he could be at 45, but I see signs his head is not on the cause this year. I’m not an analyst.” of body gestures or anything like that, but I was in the last training of the Bucs and he looked down, really miserable,” Volin commented on ‘The Herd’ de FOX Sports.

Unhappy: Brady wanted to go to the Miami Dolphins

Ben Volin also spoke about Tom Brady’s current situation with the Dolphins and that he wished he had gone to the Miami Dolphins. “It’s a time of a lot of change right now in Tampa and it wasn’t his priority to go back to live and play in Tampa Bay. of several offensive lines have not helped”, assured the journalist. Finally, Volin assured that Brady wanted to be a Miami Dolphin: “If things had turned out the way he wanted, he would be in the Dolphins and making all the decisions. The only reason he came back to Tampa is because another way was finally not possible.”



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