They play the finals of the Tennis Capital stage

August 13, 2022 – 01:00
The day is supervised by the Jujuy Association.

The Jujuy Tennis Association supervised the capital instance of tennis within the framework of the Evita Games developed on the Tennis Center court in the Los Perales neighborhood. This Saturday the finals are played.

Four dates were developed in ladies, between this Saturday and tomorrow the other three are played, and four men under 15 category. Eight men and five women play with the Round Robin system coordinated by Professor Guillermo Milisenda and endorsed by the Sports Directorate of the San Salvador commune.

The local stage of the classification is played according to the regulations by tennis players who are not in the national ranking for men while, for women, they can be ranked but from twentieth place onwards.

Of the gentlemen, played Agustin Ayarde, Santino Bavio, Santino Milisenda, Cesar Singh, Ulises Lopez, while among the ladies were competing Martina Fernandez, Emma Sofia Giulianotti, Ana Ines Rodriguez de Aparisi, Maria Jose Martiarena, Martina Garcia del Rio, Amparo Buitrago, Guillermina Alexandra Palaces and Miracles Chavez.

In this way, the Jujuy Tennis Association continues with the activities scheduled in the 2022 calendar, promoting the discipline and seeking new values ​​that will represent the province in future competitions.

It should be noted that after the instance in San Salvador, the qualifying stages in the other regions must be met to later make the provincial final, both in ladies and gentlemen.

Articulate actions from the mother entity of federated tennis in the province, the authorities of the Sports Directorate of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy and the Tennis Center gave another framework to this qualifying instance.

In addition to serving to continue promoting the practice of tennis in the province, a great job that the commission has been doing.



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