They confirm the National Basketball Championship for people with disabilities – Diario El Argentino de Gualeguaychú. online edition

The Club Atlético Talleres (CAT) of the provincial capital will be the venue on September 16, 17 and 18, within the framework of the Amigos School of that institution.

The Meeting “became a national reference and bears the seal of Paraná for the great work, and we will surely live a wonderful weekend of friendship, sports and fun,” said the secretary of Sports, José Gómez, when presenting the event.

With the purpose of strengthening the policy of inclusion in sports, the Government of Entre Ríos will accompany the activity of institutions that “have inclusion as a priority and seek to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities,” he added.

“We are working to repeat what we were able to carry out in 2018 and 2019, with the desire and passion of always,” said Cristian Gómez, coordinator of the Amigos Basketball School.

The objective of the Meeting is that the players “enjoy three days with sports and recreational activities” and that it be a meeting place for children, youth and adults from different places, he stressed.

He also stressed that his school has almost 40 players who train twice a week to “learn basketball and enhance their physical development in a space for recreation and cooperation.”

To register for this third National Meeting, basketball teams, entities or groups that work with people with disabilities must complete the form, or call 0343 154561002 (Simón Gómez).

In previous editions, the sessions brought together sports entities and organizations from all over the country and from the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, with more than 120 children, youth and adults.



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