The young handball players of C’Chartres Métropole HB in immersion at the UIISC1 in Nogent-le-Rotrou

Fifteen handball players, aged 15 to 20, from the C’Chartres Métropole Handball training center, are immersed in the Sully barracks, Percheron base for the rescuers of the Security Training and Intervention Unit Civil No. 1 (UIISC 1), since Monday August 8. They benefit from an intensive training program. Their internship ends this Tuesday, August 9, after a night that was not easy. The rescuers who supervise the course had prepared a little surprise for them.

A weekend to discover the know-how of Civil Security, in Nogent-le-Rotrou

Sergeant Esteban is the referent of this course: “They discover more or less the same sports activities practiced by the military during their training, with a slightly lower level to avoid injuries. The course is going crescendo, this Monday morning, it was rather quiet, we presented them the professions of Civil Security, how we operate, all our missions”. The day continued at a brisk pace, with in particular, in the afternoon, an outdoor boxing session.

“Afterwards, we come back, on fun with archery and the javelin. The javelin is a little on the same line as the hand at the level of the throw, ”underlines the soldier. Recovery and relaxation times allowed the trainees to breathe.

The Civil Security of Nogent-le-Rotrou at the heart of the fires in Gironde

The handball players quickly put themselves in the shoes of the rescuers by donning the fatigues of the military, as soon as they arrived at the Sully barracks on Monday morning.

A night walk

They spent the night in the bivouac set up on the grounds of the old racecourse. Finally, only part of the night, because they had to leave their base for a night march of about ten kilometers in the nearby countryside, after regaining their strength by tasting combat rations.

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“With fatigue, lack of sleep, the personality of each other will come out, some will reveal themselves. Sometimes we have surprises. With sport, we share the same values. It is the strength of the collective that does everything. It’s the same in the army, ”said Sergeant Esteban.

Philippe Rouyer, head of the C’Chartres Métropole handball training center
How was this project with the UIISC1 born?
The UIISC1 recruitment unit contacted the club to propose a partnership. For the pro team, it was not possible this year. This internship project interested me for the reserve team of young people from the training center.
How is this immersion beneficial for the team and the players? We are in the early stages of preparation. This allows you to see how the group works, to work on its cohesion, how the players react according to the activities, it also allows you to work on surpassing yourself. It is an experience that we wish to continue. The goal is that the pros experience the same thing perhaps over a longer period.



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