The U18F advances to the semifinals and will fight for the sixth medal of the summer


Despite the final result of 63-52, it was by no means an easy date for the Spanish team. During the first part, equality took over the scoreboard and neither of the two teams managed to impose a significant advantage in the first twenty minutes of play. Until then, the points of the Canarian duo, Elena Buenavida and Carla Britothey argued and Noa Diju’s rebounding work supported Spain.

In the third period, the National Team added to its cause more effective, such as the intense defense of Alicia Florez or the determination of the Marinas, but Finland, led by Aarnisalo and Kanerva, managed to withstand any attempt to open distances from Spain.

At 46-45, the match reached a final period in which the same trend was maintained as in the previous rounds until minute 3.40 (50-52). It was that moment when Spain took a step forward and completed a spectacular 13-0 run that allowed them to win. Buenavida was the architect of 11 of those 13 final points and added to it was the defensive intensity of the entire group and in those final minutes, Spain completely blurred the Finnish attack (63-52).

The way to close the meeting leads to Buenavida at 23 points and a PIR of 21numbers similar to those of Carla Britowho remained very consistent throughout the match, completing another double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds for 23 valuation.

With this epic final, the U18F manages to enter the fight for the sixth medal of the summer, thus equaling the five previous Selections that managed to certify the passage to the semifinals. In this case, Spain must wait for the result of Italy-France to meet their rival on Saturday.



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