“The Sporting fans had been looking for a change of scenery for some time”

World champion, historical top scorer of the Spanish team, legend in all the clubs in which he has played and an Asturian of the most international. David Villa does not require an extensive presentation, since Guaje’s milestones are the history of Spanish sport, which he contributed to placing at the top with goals. The Sporting academy player, who attended a cycling event with the DMT brand and the Gregario de Gijón store, attends LA NUEVA ESPAÑA to review the new situation of the club with which he debuted in professional football, his relationship with the CEO of Sporting and his projects off the pitch. This last facet is the one that he has focused his efforts on in the last two years, since he hung up his boots in the Japanese Vissel Kobe. His company “DV7 Group” is closely linked to business in the sports industry, and he also owns the New York City club Queensboro FC. His next project will be the opening of a permanent “DV7” academy in Madrid, with the mission of improving the football of the boys and girls he takes in, following the methodology that the footballer acquired during his active years. In the talk, the Guaje shows himself calm, displaying an affable character and showing his facet as a sports fan, as well as a follower of the Gijon team.

– Your new hobby is cycling?

-Since I retired I am enjoying other sports, including cycling. A different activity to the one I practiced, in which you also have to learn many techniques, it’s not just taking the bike and going out. I like cycling better than running, although you need a little more time, you have to put more hours into it. With the different projects we are working on, I go out running more than on the bike, although I like it less. I do sports to have fun and feel good. The bike is something I like. Asturias is a cycling paradise, there are more and more bicycles on the road, it is a beautiful, healthy sport with great fans. You have to take care of the relationship between the cyclist and the driver.

–How do you assess the new stage that begins at Sporting?

– People are very happy. You have to wait for the ball to roll, that’s what will mark everything. The Sporting fans had long been looking for a change of scenery, a joy, to see that there are other people working. So far all the steps that have been taken are generating enormous hope. Hopefully everything they are doing can be endorsed on the field with victories and a good game.

– How did you experience the news of the purchase of the club?

–I lived it like everyone else, following it through the press, I had no information about the process.

– Do you think there is a renewed enthusiasm among the fans?

-Sporting is a hobby that, despite all the potholes, despite the mistrust of the previous owners, always renewed their card, they filled El Molinón and La Mareona returned to tour all of Spain. Despite the fact that this was never lacking, now there is a renewed atmosphere, a desire to see what is new and if Sporting can finally relaunch itself and go up to first, which is where it always deserves to be. As fans we hope that all this positive air will continue when the ball rolls and hopefully we will achieve promotion as soon as possible.

– How is your relationship with David Guerra, the new executive president of Sporting?

David worked with us in New York. He is a personal and family friend, his wife is a friend of my wife, he was with us for many years and then left to work with Grupo Orlegi, where he has done great. He is a great guy and a great friend. I’m glad things are going well for you and I wish you luck on this project. He is a hard worker, a good person, humble, he will do everything possible to help Sporting continue to grow.

–How did you meet?

-I met him because he was working there, on La Liga projects in the United States, and I was La Liga Ambassador at that time, while I was still playing. Then he started working at my company and we have a great relationship. His wife, who is a teacher, even taught my daughters.

-What do you think David Guerra can contribute to Sporting from his position?

– Above all, I work. He is a very hardworking man and an expert in soccer. I think he’s going to give it his all, like he always does.

-Are you up to date on the club’s news?

-Yes, I always keep a close eye on Sporting, not with direct information but through the press, aware of what happens. I wish Sporting and all the clubs I’ve been to the best of luck.

-What do you think of the new Sporting project?

-You have to trust, there have been good signings, especially players like Jony or Cote who renew the illusion of sportinguismo. They are home players and they know the club. I think there is a good team to fight to be in the first division.

-The big news this week in Sporting is the renewal of Uros Djurdjevic…

–This is good news. He is the goal man of the team. I think he is the one who has unblocked the situation many times in recent years, when the team had a harder time in the game. In football, the goal is what all clubs yearn for. Sporting has it with Djuka and with this renewal it will have it for several years. I think it’s great news for sportinguismo.

– Do you think that the illusion and confidence in the new property can be lost with a bad season?

Football is football and in the end the ball has to go in for things to go well. I am a positive person, I like to always see the bright side. The competition hasn’t started yet, so it’s best not to think about things going wrong.

–Is there a possibility that David Villa and Sporting will cross paths again in the future?

–Who knows… You can never say no to anything. Today I don’t want to tie myself to anything, not even any club. Always, everywhere I go, they ask me about that possibility, but I am focused on my things, enjoying my free time. Today I don’t want to stick to anything in the long term, but to live day to day and enjoy my family, because of football I’ve been away from them.

– What projects are you currently working on?

-We have the football academies that we are going to open now in Madrid. It is one of the things to which I dedicate the most time within everything that we develop in the company, we have personnel working on all the projects, but I work a lot in this one of the academies. I am putting all my effort.

–Any project that can be developed in Asturias soon?

-Not at the moment, I come mainly to spend the holidays and be with the family, enjoy my friends. My visits to Asturias are usually to enjoy my loved ones, whom I miss being away for so long.

–Was there an interest on your part in the purchase of Burgos Club de Fútbol?

-It is true that I have a company that works in the football industry, but I dedicate myself to my things, to be with my family. It is the company that handles those business matters.

-You also know the business world in the United States, what is the image of Orlegi Sports there?

-I don’t know them in depth beyond David Guerra, but the entire structure and projects that the Orlegi Group has speak for themselves.

–Your new facet is that of La Liga commentator for the DAZN platform.

I will be related to the world of football all my life. Now it will be off the field, but proposals and offers keep coming to me. I want to enjoy all the opportunities I can, let’s try. I don’t know how it will be for me, I hope well. Another different experience but within the world of football. For them it is a blind bet because they have not seen me work, but for me it is a joy.



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