The sins of Facundo Campazzo – Real Madrid Basketball Blog

Will come back Campazzo to Madrid this summer? We don’t know, surely not even the player himself knows. The paths of the NBA market are inscrutable to me, especially when it comes to the wardrobe. Facu has made clear about 20 times his preference to continue in America, very respectable, but looking at the panorama after almost a month and a half of the market, he may well be left hanging. «It seems to me that he is delaying and dilating too much, the doors are closing in his NBA«, I do not say it but Chapu Notionone of which they encouraged him in his day to cross the pond.

And what can Madrid do? Right now, leave the cane down and make sure blacksmiths to have telephone coverage on the beach in case they call from across the sea. We could summarize Madrid’s position in counting on the no and being prepared for the yes. Probably that’s why it continues Nigel Williams-Goss, instead of breaking the pig on his settlement and signing a more expensive point guard. That would entail an economic effort at the base post that would compromise the section’s maneuverability in the event that the Campazzo window opens.

And how is that window? Up to the tail everything is bull, and this article can be old in a matter of hours, but much of the fish is already sold in the NBA market. Understand fish for opportunities for Facu to be placed in franchises that are looking for second or third base. There are not that many and several have already bet on other players. And regardless of how the story ends, I have the feeling that both Campazzo and his representatives have been covering themselves with glory for three years, with lousy career management, piling up decisions at the drop of a hat. Let’s review the sequence:

1.- He signs a multi-year renewal with Madrid that includes a six million anti-NBA clause… when we later learned that he still dreamed of the NBA. That is to say, without any need, because he did not finish his contract in Madrid, Facu mortgaged his future in exchange for a short-term salary increase. Seriously, that no one around him, who knew his NBA desires, had the lights to recommend that he sleep on it first?

2.- Spring 2020, only a few months after the renewal, Campazzo informs Madrid that he wants to leave but that he does not have the money for the clause and does not know when he would leave, he is not even absolutely certain of his departure. Juan Carlos Sanchez he goes into a rage (he was right) and sends the player to his clause. The situation festered for months and Florentino had to intervene personally to agree on a civilized exit plan. That of playing ‘free’ for a few months in advance of the clause, which would be paid in installments over several years.

4.- Autumn 2020, Campazzo’s market poster hits its ceiling, second best base in Europe after Micicalso comes from the same team as Doncic, that in the NBA counts. Apparently he has several offers and he surely chooses the worst one, Denver, because he wants to “fight for the ring.” The house through the roof, which Fito sings. He accepts a contract for little money and a non-guaranteed role in an unorthodox game system, with a pivot director (Jokic) and little room for brilliance for a pure point guard like him. First they put him in the corner to shoot triples and then on the bench to wave the towel. We continue for bingo.

3.- Summer 2022, he goes on the market as a free agent, theoretically with some cartel still and his representative publicly showing off of the interest of various franchises. Well, there shouldn’t be so much interest because in 37 days they have had plenty of time to sign him. In the end, Facu may end up returning to Madrid at the wrong time, with his tail between his legs and without having earned too much money, in fact he still has a seven-figure debt with the club. But surely the worst part is the public relations management, publicly remarking a few days ago (what was the need?) that the white club is fourth course for him, who prefers to continue in the USA (I quote) “in whatever franchise.” Really, it is not so difficult to have a wink with Madrid, his lifeboat if the NBA fails, which is being put into Aramaic.

Honestly, worse impossible.