The shock photo of Luka Doncic, all lean and refined!

After the loss to the Warriors in the conference final, Luka Doncic decided to spend hours and hours in the gym to lose weight and achieve an unrivaled level of fitness. In the height of summer, he seems sharper than ever, which clearly worries some Mavericks fans.

Since joining the NBA, Luka Doncic has taken up the strange habit of starting his seasons with a few extra pounds, which does not necessarily affect his level of play. Unlike others, like James Hardenwho are greatly handicapped by the slightest loss of explosiveness, the leader of the Mavericks does not necessarily need exceptional physical qualities to speak about his science of the game and chain the cards.

Still, he decided to take matters into his own hands this summer by losing weight. Undoubtedly upset by the defeat against the Warriors in the conference final, the Slovenian will be keen to be at 120% of his abilities from the first game of the next exercise, and he seems to be on the right track. A new photo has just made the rounds on social networks, Luka has never looked so thin.

Luka Doncic too skinny before the season?

In this photo Luka Doncic appears very slim compared to previous years… maybe even a little too much. Obviously the loss of a few pounds will be beneficial on the field, especially in terms of his form at the end of the meeting, but a silhouette that is too frail could prevent him from ruling the snowshoes as he likes to do. In any case, among Mavericks fans, the concern is real.

Old debate: Luka is too fat

New debate: Give this guy a burger!

Mavs fans who pushed Luka to lose weight: ‘I made a big mistake’

Is it possible to be too sharp before a season? Mavericks fans say the answer is ‘yes’, as they’re worried about seeing the point guard too lean. They will be quickly fixed with Slovenia’s first preparation matches for the Euro.



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