The sentence of Jorge Brito, president of River Plate, on the future of Marcelo Gallardo: “If it were up to me, I would contract him for three years”

* The future of Marcelo Gallardo in the words of Jorge Brito

River Plate It is going through a moment of football transition after two high-impact sales such as those of Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández, and in the midst of the adaptation of the new additions. After the 1-2 defeat against Sarmiento at the Monumental, Marcelo Gallardo He hopes to once again turn the situation around, as he has already achieved in different contexts during his eight years as coach. Jorge Britopresident of the institution, offered his support to the Doll and expressed his desire to continue extending the successful cycle.

The highest leadership reference recalled and recalled a moment similar to the one Núñez’s team is going through today. “I think this has already happened twice in this period and that’s when he took the magic out of it. The first time we went to Mendoza -for the Argentine Super Cup against Boca, in 2018- and the magic returned. It seemed that the campus was running out and reinvented itself again. Internally, one day he will feel the need to stop and it will be River’s turn to reinvent himself,” he explained in a chat with ESPN.

And he added about the possibility of a new renewal at the end of the year, when Galardo’s contract ends: “What characterizes Marcelo is that he always thinks ahead. After many successful years, he always thinks about what is coming, and if he sees that it is satisfactory and excites him, he will continue. The decision of whether or not to continue is Marcelo’s. If it were up to me, I’d contract him for three years until the end of my term. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a replacement, but Gallardo is the coach that River wants to have”.

* Brito and the update on Nicolás De La Cruz’s contract

Brito also referred to the works that are being carried out in the Monumental. “It is a stadium that will look good from all sides. It is not necessary to have a box to see well. The particularity of the changes with respect to the popular local high Sívori, is that it will be lower or lower. Now we are going to have a new tray that we are going to call bottom. It will help the acoustics of the stadium. The four high stands will be left with seats. The idea is to have the heat and the drums as close to the field of play as possible,” he added.

The possibility that the Argentine team continues to use the River Plate venue to exercise its locality is a reality for the president: “This is historically the home of the Argentine team and we let the president of the AFA know that. At the beginning of the year we wanted to bring them here, but we were and are very tight with the times of the work. When River trains at the Monumental, the work doesn’t stop, for example. On the other hand, if the National Team comes, it stops for two or three days”.

The final scheme of the Monumental stadium after the works


Early exit of the Libertadores: “A very hard blow because the Copa Libertadores is what we all want. Nor can we minimize the local tournament and the Argentine Cup. We have to be focused on both competitions and we remain confident that we can fight them”.

The arrival of players: “The exchange rate gap affects all players, not just the foreign soccer player who is paid in dollars. The players see the economy and the sports project, having Marcelo has paved the way for those who wanted to come. Borja stated that he wanted to be directed by Gallardo and a very important economic effort was made because the owners of the rights sought to defend their capital and that is why the negotiation took a while. Fortunately we can have him here and hopefully he gives us a lot of satisfaction”.

Can Otamendi arrive?: “We always try to be very respectful and even more so in times of competition. When we talk about a player we also refer to a specific position and it would not be respectful of us. We are going to have a long period from October until the resumption of activity and we want to take advantage of it from the leadership to find the best squad for next year”.

The non-hiring of Suárez: “We all had the illusion of Luis Suárez because of the hierarchy he has and it coincided that it was the position we were looking for. But this is not the time to look back, we always project forward. River is too big to think that not having a player can change his destiny. You have to be excited that all the great South American soccer players want to come to River and have the experience of knowing that this is possible. Aim for the top in the next transfer markets”.

The Juanfer Quintero adaptation: “We knew that Juanfer in Chinese football was not going to have the demand that the Argentine has and the same player told us about his experience. He had much more time in quarantine and we expected a long period of adaptation from Juanfer. We continue to fully trust him, he has a unique quality”.

Renewal of Nicholas De La Cruz: “Fortunately, with Nicolás and his manager we always had a very close dialogue. They always gave us the peace of mind and the confidence that before the European market closes we will close the renovation. He is a player who gave us great satisfaction at River”.


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