The sampedreña Carla Viegas will play in the US university league – BASKETBALL

The sampedreña Carla Viegas, runner-up in the under 17 world with the Spanish basketball team, will leave the CAB Estepona and will head to the United States in 2023 where she will play the university league with Florida State in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The player will face a decisive jump in her career to try to reach the WNBA.

Carla Viegas was a vital part of the silver that the Spanish under 17 team achieved in the step Hungarian World Cupwhere he scored 23 triples, with 45% effectiveness (23/51).

Was the best mark in the history of the world tournamentwhich has been held since 2010, among players with a volume of more than 40 three-point shots.

They are international performance has not gone unnoticed and has drawn attention from across the pond, to the point of having to pack up and leave his current club, CAB Estepona, for the 2023-24 season.

His destiny will be the NCAA, college league of the United States, where he will play with the jersey of Florida State in Division I and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Without a doubt, it will be a spectacular step for the young player from San Pedro, who will surely have the opportunity to call in the near future at the gates of the WNBAthe professional league.

“I am very excited to announce that I am officially a Seminole. Thank you for this opportunity,” she said on social media.

The Seminoles were the native people of what is now the US state of Florida and it is the name that their teams now receive.

With CAB Estepona, Carla Viegas finished her first season in the Women’s Challenge League (2nd national category) as the best shooter of the competition (58/115), which represents a 50.43% accuracy, a percentage that no player could improve in the first two national categories.

It had also been the best shooter in the previous campaign in her debut in the old Women’s League 2 in Group B (26/63 for 44.44%) at just 15 years old.

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