The referee is a disgrace! As in the Greek league, Panathinaikos officially complains

Fierce. Crazy. Both adjectives fit the duel between Slavia and Panathinaikos. However, after two red cards, a couple of shoves and two goals, the seamers prepared a great position for the rematch. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Slovakia, which lost to Fenerbahce and also lost the expelled Hofmann.


It was expected that Panathinaikos will bet on a solid defensive, after all, they have hardly conceded in the last matches. And that was confirmed, although Slavia had an optical advantage at the beginning of the match, but they practically did not get any chances.

The first excitement came after half an hour of the game. It started to sparkle a little on the pitch, first he saw a yellow card for Palacios, and after a little while Douděr.

But it was fatal for the Argentinian striker. In the 41st minute, he beautifully penetrated from the half of the field to the goal, where he almost too eagerly wanted to go for a foul, because Ousou’s slip was completely clean.

The head referee Buquet showed great courage and showed the 30-year-old shooter a yellow card. And since she was second, Palacios had to leave the field.

And Slavia took advantage of that until halftime. Immediately after that, Lingr could have scored, but he only hit the goalkeeper from the small area. However, from the subsequent corner came a crash, after which Schranz hit the ball and volleyed the sewn-up team into the lead.

At the start of the second half, referee Buquet again played a leading role. Substitute Šporar started from his own half when he was thrown off balance by Eduardo Santos.

At first, the referee only blew the whistle for a foul and did not deal with the situation further. He even gave the player a yellow card to Šporar for protesting. But after a while, he changed his mind and actually showed Eduard a red card, as he assessed that the Slovenian striker would have advanced alone to the goal.

However, it did not throw Slavia off, on the contrary. She created a lot of pressure, Traoré found Ewerton in the box with a beautiful pass, whose shot ended up on the post. However, Moses Usor found the rebound and scored his debut goal in Slavia.

The game in ten red and white showed a lot, she liked to use more space on the field and get more chances. However, she did not add another goal. But he still has a very promising result of 2:0 going into the rematch.


That certainly cannot be said about Slovakia. It knew that it couldn’t jump too much on Fenerbahce and every point from away would be golden. But at least it wanted to bring a good result to the rematch.

However, a clean sheet had to be kept for that, and that collapsed already in the 17th minute when Emre Mor scored.

At the end of the first half, Lincoln scored an impressive free kick, and the Slovácko players went to the dressing room quite scalded.

If they wanted to do something more with an unfavorable result in the second half, another hard blow came. In the 48th minute, Hofmann saw a second yellow card and went to the showers.

In the 81st minute, Lincoln added a second goal, which thus had a hand in all three goals. The team from Uherské Hradiště is thus carrying a very unpleasant result into the home rematch.

Source: Twitter, UEFA


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