The Red Dragons secure their ticket for the European Championship against Estonia | volley-ball

The Red Dragons had already completed an important part of their mission in Estonia 10 days ago.

Thanks to that narrow victory they were in pole position and in Roeselare the Belgians were clearly too strong for the Estonians.

It became a collective achievement, with hardly any weak links. Ferre Reggers was the star: 25-17, 25-22, 25-22.

As a veteran, Tomas Rousseaux (28) was very relieved. “It was a stressful day. The will in our team was great. We are young and talented and everyone was motivated.”

“We wanted this hard, also for our own audience. In the Golden League we were finished here by Estonia and we have now rectified that.”

“We have grown a lot in one summer and we have a lot of potential for the future. It was necessary for Belgian volleyball.”

“The realization will sink in in the coming days,” said star Reggers. “I myself passed out a few times today, but I haven’t noticed anything now. We have a very bright future ahead of us.”



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