The Process by Felice: Mazzu is already more emphatically opting for its own youth than Kompany


Striking observation at Anderlecht on Sunday: no fewer than six players that the club trained itself, were in the base. Delcroix, De Bast, Sadiki, Amuzu, Kana and Verschaeren were preferred over more expensive purchases such as Raman, Gomez, Ashimeru and Olsson. And Stroeykens and Sardella were still sitting on the couch.

Vincent Kompany also announced at the time of his appointment that he would opt fully for his own youth, but in his three years at Anderlecht it only happened twice that so many players from his own training were in the base. That was on his debut after his return (with Simon Davies as official head coach) and in February 2020 against AA Gent (with Franky Vercauteren as official head coach). The first time it was with Amuzu, Bornauw, Doku, El Kababri, Verschaeren and Kompany himself, the second time again Amuzu and Doku with Colassin, Kana, Sambi Lokonga and Sardella. When Kompany was only head coach, it didn’t happen anymore.

Unlike Kompany, Mazzu did not make the choice for youth a theme from the time of his performance. And not now. “There will be matches where there will only be two youth players in the line-up and matches where it can be eight. I mainly set up players to win matches,” the coach said to Seraing on Sunday after the win. (bvv, lvdw)



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