The player of the Colombian National Team who has a car worth a billion pesos

Although he plays in the MLS, the player who passed through England and Spain, had the luxury of buying a Lamborghini brand vehicle that costs a lot

Undoubtedly, the extravagances of soccer players are many, from very high-priced sports cars to luxurious houses in the places where they reside. And it is that, although there are players who are usually low profile, there are also those who are very eccentric. This is the case of ‘Cucho’ Hernández, who exhibited his latest acquisition on his networks, which is very expensive by the way.

Let us remember that ‘Cucho’ Hernández, a player for the Colombian National Team, has been in several teams, from playing in England, in Watford, to playing in different Spanish soccer teams. Currently ‘Cucho’ Hernández plays in the MLS, for the Columbus Crew, where he has apparently taken advantage of what the American team pays him, since he shared his new Lamborghini Urus on his networks.

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The price of this luxury car is valued at about 1,200 million Colombian pesos, an exorbitant figure for a vehicle, which is almost equal to the price of the last car bought by Yeferson Cossio. ‘Cucho’ Hernández has not only shown his game in the United States, now he has also exhibited his luxury car, which is surely the envy of more than one there in Columbus Crew.

hopefully to ‘Cucho’ Hernandez keep your head down and keep working on your game to get called up again by the national team and even move to another team in the future.

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