The Patriots attack in trouble with Matt Patricia?

When Bill Belichick gave the keys to the attack to Matt Patricia, there was something to be surprised about. Taking over from Josh McDaniels, coordinator since 2012 and gone to coach the Raiders, was not going to be easy for anyone. But Patricia, in particular, seems to have a primarily defensive profile. Offensive assistant in 2004 and 2005, he is therefore in charge of the squad led by Mac Jones, even if he does not have the official title of coordinator.

And for the moment, it skates. According to, defense has the upper hand over offense in training camp at the moment. And even in a club where silence is golden, Jones admits that things could be better.

“We have a lot of room for improvement,” said the quarterback on Tuesday. “Our offensive line is doing a good job, we have to get up to speed. »

If the time is not for panic, there is a small hint of annoyance.

“I love football, and when we lose on the day, for me it’s like taking a bullet in the heart, it’s like losing a game. […] The goal is to have more positive actions than the other team, and for now it’s the defense that wins. I think we can be better and more competitive, but a big part of it is execution and communication. »

Because there is no question of charging the coaches.

“We have excellent coaches who will lead us to success, currently it’s more a question of communication. »

Author of a solid first season with 67.6% of completed passes, 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions, Jones is facing a difficult task: to confirm while digesting a change of offensive coach. Obviously, there is still work to do.



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