The Pampean Games of Integration are a reality

Athletes aged 12, 13, and 14 compete in badminton, powerlifting, table tennis, archery, shooting, fencing, and Olympic wrestling.

Chaired by the Minister of Social Development, Diego Álvarez; the undersecretary of Sports, Recreation and Social Tourism, Ceferino Almudévar; and with the accompaniment of mayors from different localities, the act that formally inaugurated the qualifying competition for the Evita Games was carried out last night.

Throughout the weekend, nearly 300 boys aged 12, 13 and 14 compete in badminton, powerlifting, table tennis, archery, shooting, fencing, and Olympic wrestling to determine the Pampas representatives in these disciplines. in the Games that will take place in Mar del Plata in October.

The athletes, who are part of the “- 1000 + Sports” program that is promoted in the Province as a way to develop indoor Olympic sports in towns with less than 1000 inhabitants, came from Puelches, Eduardo Castex, Bernasconi, Santa Rosa, General Pico , Ceballos, Gobernador Duval, Villa Mirasol, Macachín, 25 de Mayo, Speluzzi, Maisonnave, Realicó, Rancul, Ingeniero Luiggi, Parera, Abramo, Dorila, Falucho, Mauricio Mayer, Doblas, Uriburu, Anchorena, Carro Quemado, Pichi Huinca, General Fields and Cereals.

The flag of Argentina was carried by Sheila Schwemmer (Uriburu), escorted by Aitana Panadeiro Fornos (Speluzzi), and María Paz Hermo (Maisonnave), while that of La Pampa was carried by José Ignacio Bernal (Governor Duval), escorted by Felipe Herbsommer. (Abramo), and Tobías González (Puelches).

The lighting of the cauldron, meanwhile, was carried out by the fencer Morena Aguirre (Puelches, the first Pampas woman classified as an Argentine since the program), accompanied by her trainer Nancy Palavecino.

The Minister of Social Development stressed that the Games were the result of the joint action of “mayors, ministries such as Social Development, Health or Education and other government agencies that is necessary to implement any public policy.”

He asked the participants to “meet each other, exchange spaces” beyond the competition and highlighted “Governor Ziliotto’s commitment to continue supporting sport as a State policy” that reinforces the “inclusive” character of La Pampa. This is the initial kick to continue advancing in that direction and continue guaranteeing rights”.


The undersecretary of Sports, Recreation and Social Tourism also thanked “the contributions of mayors, the Ministries of Health and Education to consolidate the program that was first a dream and now becomes a reality in a Game.”

He stressed that the “- 1000 + Sports” was “thinking as an alternative for children from small towns who found it difficult to participate in traditional sports” and that, launched during the pandemic, it had different stages that included training through of the platform of the Banco de La Pampa Foundation in the pandemic and the face-to-face later, of those responsible for the schools that operate in the more than 40 localities that joined the program.

“This allows boys and girls to get to know other sports and experience what a Sports Game means when perhaps they could not have otherwise,” he stressed and guaranteed that “these Games are here to stay, because they respond to the mandate of the Governor and the minister to carry elements that allow young people to grow, and if it is through sports, much better”.

“Today we are making history, and in a few years they will be a reality. We hope that they will be the flame for other disciplines to join because this is a program of inclusion, equality and social justice, ”she completed.


Pascual Fernández (Uriburu) spoke on behalf of the mayors, who recalled his personal experience as a representative of the town in the Pampean Sports Games. “We lost the final with Winifreda, and today, 30 years later, I still have friends in Winifreda, that’s why I tell you that you should have that experience,” he asked.

“Enjoy these games, compete, but take the opportunity to make friends,” he wished them.



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