The new M6 game, “The Traitors” was shot at Beauvoir Castle, in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre (Allier)

Wednesday, August 17, will be broadcast in prime time, at 9:10 p.m., on the M6 ​​channel, the psychological game of lies, manipulations, strategies and betrayals: “The Traitors: will they be unmasked?” Fourteen personalities, including actor Martin Lamotte, writer Bernard Werber, Olympic judo champion David Douillet, swimming champion Camille Lacourt, and influencer and YouTuber Just Riadh, will play the werewolf game. in this program which will have as master of the game Éric Antoine.

The principle of this new game

Welcome of the candidates by the facilitator: Natoo, David Douillet, Alex Ramires, Elsa Esnoult, Camille Lacourt and Delphine Wespiser. Photo Etienne Jeanneret/M6
Day and night, the three “traitors” will have to lie about their true identity and thus deceive the “loyal ones”. To hope to stay the longest in the game, everyone will have to win physical and psychological tests. At stake: silver ingots for the benefit of the association of their choice.
These fourteen candidates lived in community for six days in the Château de Beauvoir in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre.

Beauvoir, stroll from the 14th to the 19th century in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Besbre (Allier): our July 2022 report

Studio 89 adapted for M6 the Dutch format of Verraders, created by IDTV and launched in March 2021 in the Netherlands. The program met with great audience success there. Awarded at the MIP (international audiovisual content market) in Cannes, it has already been sold in 14 countries around the world.
This new game will be broadcast on Wednesdays August 17, August 24 and August 31, with two episodes per evening.

Will the traitors be unmasked? The filming of season 1 took place entirely at the Château de Beauvoir. Photo Etienne Jeanneret/M6

The Bourbonnais attractiveness agency is a partner in this programme, which is a window for making the Bourbonnais known. “We accompanied the Studio 89 Productions team to facilitate filming for them”, explains Caroline Bardot, territorial brand project manager at the attractiveness agency.

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Ushuaïa TV filming in Allier

The film crew charmed by the location: Beauvoir ticked all the boxes
The writer Bernard Weber participates in this new show which has an air of Cluedo and an eclectic cast. Photo Etienne Jeanneret/M6

“The Studio 89 team, which produces a lot of reality TV, had looked for a castle all over France, before choosing Beauvoir. This one ticked all the boxes with its large natural spaces around, its beautiful interior rooms which charmed them and the ability of the property to accommodate the entire film crew and personalities”.
What interest, for the agency, to accompany this shoot? “This operation allows us to benefit from visibility as a partner, since the attractiveness agency will appear in the credits at the end of the show. During replays, a page will also be dedicated to partners, with a link to our site. We also benefited from the production of three promotional videos centered on the three central cities of Allier, with extras, which will be available on social networks by the end of the year. A godsend for us, because videos have become very important in communication today”.

Will the traitors be unmasked? Some of the personalities gathered. Photo Etienne Jeanneret/M6

The attractiveness agency works with the Regional Film Commission to attract filming in the Allier. “We could welcome many more, because we have a very beautiful heritage, beautiful buildings and properties, a geographical location in the center of France which is an asset. We have a real card to play, but this work takes time”.
If shootings are a plus in terms of notoriety and attractiveness, they are also rewarding for the inhabitants invited to participate in castings: “It reinforces their pride in belonging to Allier, which is one of our objectives”.

What tourist benefits to expect for the department?
This is mainly measured in terms of notoriety. Example with the program La Carte aux trésors, which had highlighted a good part of the Allier department, in 2021. As a reminder, the program had attracted 2.08 million viewers. “We mainly identified a strong increase in visits to our website ( the same day and the day after the broadcast”, explains Cécile Basseville, communications manager for the Allier departmental tourism committee.
“On May 5, 2021, the day the show was broadcast, we even reached + 233% connections, especially during the show. And the next day, May 6, we saw +136% connections. This only concerns part of the flows due to the acceptance or not of cookies for Analytics”. Unsurprisingly, the most visited pages corresponded to the sites mentioned in the program: Noyant-d’Allier, the Vélorail de la Sioule, the Château du Méage, the Lapalisse traffic jam, the Château de l’Augère, Vichy, the saga of the Bourbons… Difficult, on the other hand, to measure the economic repercussions of the emission, in the absence of carried out study.

The Château de Beauvoir hosted its first shoot last April

Alain Streichenberger, the owner of this former medieval fort, a belvedere castle enthroned at the top of the Besbre valley, looks back on this adventure.
The imposing 14th century towers of Beauvoir, the formal garden with dry moats; and, inside, the wooden ceiling, the imposing staircase and no less than eight 15th century fireplaces, all in a castle equipped with all modern comforts, won over the production team. The castle and the gardens in their entirety have been listed as Historic Monuments since 2005.

At the Château de Beauvoir, Ingrid and Alain Streichenberger, July 21, 2022, photo François-Xavier Gutton

The personalities participating in the game show and the entire film crew stayed on site for a whole week in April.

The production team fell in love with the rooms at the Château de Beauvoir, which marvelously combine history and modernity. photo Francois-Xavier Gutton

“It was the first time that we hosted a shoot”. The owner does not hide that the financial allocation was a godsend: “The maintenance of a castle is very expensive, we have to find income”.
Throughout the year, visits and receptions follow one another in the property, and mark the success of the place, which can accommodate up to 350 people and accommodate nearly 60.
“We had hail in June. One hundred and fifty tiles were broken, which had to be replaced. There are about a hundred tiles left to change, we are currently looking for some. Because old tiles, there are no more in France. We also need to find roofers capable of climbing 25 meters high… Of course, the program will advertise the castle, but that doesn’t particularly interest us. We want it to retain its family aspect. Nevertheless, he is aware that his home generates economic activity and generates work for the department. “We welcome 4,000 people a year, who stay in lodgings around the castle, eat in the surroundings”.

An adventure… and constraints

Château de Beauvoir: French-style gardens, photo François-Xavier Gutton

A shoot is an adventure: “The whole team was very nice”. But also constraints: “There were about twenty cameras in the property, the necessary electricity was needed. And no other light source was needed. We had to move potted olive trees. There were twelve of them, it was a lot of work! »

Alain Streichenberger in one of the rooms of the castle photo François-Xavier Gutton

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