The NBA’s 1 Billion Club

08/08/2022 at 19:49


Stephen Curry, Lebron James and Kevin Durant together accumulate a fortune of more than 1,000 million dollars

All three will be among the highest-paid players this year, with their franchises giving them a large sum of money so as not to lose them in the middle of free agency.

The NBA is known to move large amounts of money. The largest basketball league in the world has a whole series of teams that distribute a very large sum of money to their players, in order to secure them in the midst of free agency that always produces unexpected and surprising last-minute moves that shake the league and make it more exciting year after year. Two months before the start of the regular season 2022/23 from NBA, there are three players who accumulate huge amounts of money. We talk about Stephen Curry, Lebron James y Kevin Durantthe three big names in the league, and that together they already accumulate a fortune of more than a billion dollars.

Like every new season in the NBA, franchises will shell out large amounts of money to secure their stars and be as competitive as possible. in full 2022there are three players who stand out above the rest, not only in performance and statistics on the court, but also in salary. Stephen Curry, Lebron James y Kevin Durant They will be not only one more season the big names in the league, but also the best paid. Together, the three of them already have a fortune of more than a billion dollars, which gives a perspective of the large amounts of money that moves in this sport and everything that goes with it, and form the so-called ‘1 billion dollar club’.

In the first place we have Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors point guard signed a $215 million contract spread over four years in August 2021. This season, the Ohio will pocket nothing more and nothing less than 48 million dollars (47 million euros)and in his last year of contract (temp. 25/26)the four-time winner of the NBA will reach the 59 million dollars (58 million euros). The franchise of San Francisco the player was thus assured of 34 years until the end of his career, ranking number one on this list of the best paid in the league, and adding, after all his years in the NBAan accumulated 305 million dollars (300 million euros).

Secondly we have Lebron James, ‘The King’ won last season a whopping 44 million dollars (43 million euros) in Los Angeles Lakersand at the expense of signing a new contract that has him in the Los Angeles franchise until 2024, the four-time winner of the ring and MVP of the finals of the NBAhas a cumulative 434 million dollars (426 million euros).

Finally, Kevin Durant. the eaves of 2.08 meters tall It is a peculiar case, since from the beginning of his career he began pocketing a good sum of money. In his first year in Oklahomathe player born in washington 33 years agopayment 4.1 million dollars (4.09 million euros). Nowadays, Durant agreed to his link with the Nets in August 2021 for four seasons and a total of 194.2 million dollars (190 million euros). In his last year of contract he will charge $54 million on the New York team, and his total earnings amount to 358,290,587 dollars (351 million euros).

As we can see, many of the contracts signed in the NBA they go in ascending order, so as the years progress, and players’ performance improves, their earnings go up. At the moment, these three players, among the best in the history of this sport, make up the so-called ‘1 billion club’ and place the NBA as the best basketball league in the world.



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