The NBA returns to Mexico with everything and the “spoiled” Spurs

This after an absence of three years in national territory.

As was customary for the best basketball in the world, the venue that will host the game on December 17 will be the Mexico City Arena, with a capacity for 22,300 spectators.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring two franchises with history and strong local fans. Hosting NBA games in Mexico is an important part of our broader efforts to grow basketball,” said Raúl Zárraqga, Director of the NBA Mexico Office.

According to figures from the office itself, the Aztec soil has a total of 26 million fans of the best basketball in the world.

It is powerfully striking that one of the two involved in the 2014 Finals, the Spurs, are frequent travelers and are well known to the country. This is because Gregg Poppovich’s men have stepped on Mexican staves on six different occasions, the first of these in 1994 with two preseason games at the Palacio de los Deportes.

“We have played six games in Mexico City and each time thousands of Spurs fans showed up making us feel loved and at home. We are grateful to our loyal fans in Mexico and excited to play against them as part of our 50th anniversary season,” said RC Buford, Spurs President of Operations.

For those from Miami, this will be their second visit to the CDMX Arena after facing the Brooklyn Nets in 2017.

The special duel will mark the 31st game of “La Asociación” in Mexico.



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