The mural in honor of Julián Álvarez after the ball hit the “most hated defender in the Premier League” in the face

The chant of the City fans for Zouma after Álvarez’s pitch

The income of Julian Alvarez instead of Erling Haaland in the positive debut of Manchester City by Premier League had an unexpected stir. In the only play in front of the goal that had the Spider in front of West Hamhis powerful shot hit the face of Kurt Zouma that left the defender on the ground. However, fans of all the clubs in England They hold a grudge against the Frenchman for a controversial incident that occurred in February of this year.

The anger against the central defender was born when images of him appeared in his home kicking him brutally and slapping her gato. After appearing against justice, a london court sentenced him this Wednesday to 180 hours of community service after plead guilty of mistreating your pet. However, the punishment and the request for forgiveness were not enough to lighten the issue and in every stadium that Zouma steps on they remind him of the painful episode.

Álvarez’s pitch revived the topic and the first reaction was from the Manchester City supporters who were at the West Ham stadium. “This is how your cat felt!”, the fans chanted as the Frenchman was tended to on the ground. Social networks also echoed immediately and this Monday another type of tribute appeared for the one born in Calchín: a humble mural in the English capital with his figure and several cats thanking him for his actions on date 1 of the Premier League. Without knowing it, Julián accidentally won the hearts of thousands of people.

The mural in tribute to Álvarez’s pitch to Zouma (Photo: @ourashley)

“A little paint, a little glue, a little haste, but HUGE thanks to Alvarez from all the cats in this world. I could watch that punch over and over and… over again.”Nathan Bush, author of the work, wrote at the time of the presentation.

It is worth remembering that Kurt’s two cats were placed in the care of the organization for the defense of animal welfare Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)who launched a complaint so that the soccer player and his brother Yoan Zouma were processed. The West Ham did not suspend the player and even made him play in a game the night the case was uncovered, but then received a financial fine of just over USD 300.000. In addition, the sportswear manufacturer Adidas she broke her endorsement deal with him.

* The moment of the pitch from Álvarez to Zouma

However, that was not the only punishment that British justice imposed on Dry: also Gallic player banned from owning a cat for a period of five years. The judge Susan Holdhamwho described his actions as “shameful and reprehensible”decided not to allow him to have a pet again.


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