The movement that can end Facundo Campazzo in Golden State Warriors, the NBA champion

Campazzo already showed Curry his intensity when defending when he wore the colors of the Denver Nuggets (Photo: AFP)

The market of NBA opened last July 1st and from that moment the future of Facundo Campazzo go through moments of uncertainty. The situation of Kevin Durant y Kyrie Irving, the two Nets stars who asked for a transfer, caused many teams to begin to analyze the chance of adding one or both and put the brakes on several of the less brilliant operations that were being carried out. But, in recent times, these possibilities have been delayed due to the high pretensions of the Brooklyn franchise and, in parallel, a candidate appeared to keep the Argentine point guard.

According to the protocol used by the teams when making the squads, there is a hierarchical order: first the superstars are closed, then the figures and finally it is up to those in charge of being part of the rotation, although they can give the jump throughout the season, as is the case of cordobes. Facundo can aspire to be a third point guard of a team and, in the best of cases, the second. At the time it was linked to the Dallas Mavericksbut in recent days nothing more and nothing less than the possibility of joining the current champion took a lot of strength: Golden State Warriors, con Stephen Curry como bandera.

“It is a good market for Facu because there are not so many point guards but there are several teams looking. There are stakeholders, there are even different figures and types of role. The market was moved until it blocked for everything that Durant generates. But the important thing is that several franchises consider him an NBA player and believe that Denver was wrong with him, “he explained. David Carro, Campazzo’s agent from the United States. Fresh off the Denver Nuggets, who didn’t even submit a qualifying offer for him to be a restricted free agent — the team can match any offer for him — left the door open for another NBA jersey.

The Argentine was up to the task when matching efforts against bases of your size like Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard (Photo: AP)
The Argentine was up to the task when matching efforts against bases of your size like Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard (Photo: AP)

The movements within the Californian franchise were discreet. He signed up Donte DiVincenzo as a free agent in addition to selecting Patrick Baldwin y Ryan Rollins in the recent Draft of 2022. However, within the rotation of the brand new champion there remains one more than important piece to raise the level and performance of its main star Stephen Curry: a low-budget substitute who helps on the defensive front. Plus, on a team where shooters abound, the Argentine’s passing talent would get even more use in Golden State.

Journalist Dieter Kurtenbach of The Mercury News stopped at Facundo’s case to explain why he would be a great addition to the Warriors’ rotation. “Right now he lacks a proven backup point guard, someone who can lead the team from midcourt when Steph rests. While Campazzo has weaknesses like a limitation to defending big players, he’s a sure thing. He runs the whole court and is a proven winner”, he wrote on the portal.

Curry averaged a total of 34.5 minutes per game last season in which they defeated the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the Finals. In his historical ranking, it was the fourth season in which he played the most and highlights the dependence that the team has on his figure in some parts of the year. The need to manage the physique during 2023 will be essential if they want to continue expanding the dynasty that he has already built with the Californian franchise and it would be an interesting revenge for Campazzo to be part of such a team.

There is one key detail: what will happen to Andre Iguodala, 38. If the experienced forward decides to withdraw from the activity, his place could go to Campazzo.


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