The layout of the new territory, cross-border and new challenges, the first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province has been launched

The layout of the new territory, cross-border and new challenges, the first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province has been launched

2022-08-09 17:56:55Source: Xi’an News Network

On August 8, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, the East Square of Shaanxi Provincial Stadium.

The high temperature of more than 40 degrees did not stop people’s enthusiasm for sports. Under the attention of leaders of sports units at all levels in Shaanxi Province, Li Yongbo, a special guest and a meritorious coach who has trained 81 world champions for 24 years, as well as a number of leaders from the head office and branches of Minsheng Bank, badminton teenagers from the First International Badminton Club and Witnessed by all major badminton enthusiasts in Xi’an, the first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province was launched.

In recent years, my country’s national strategy for national fitness has been implemented in depth, the public service level of national fitness has been significantly improved, the people’s enthusiasm for promoting health through fitness has grown, and new steps have been taken in the construction of a healthy China and a sports power. From the “Healthy China 2030” Planning Outline to the “Healthy China Action (2019-2030)”, the major decision-making arrangements for the construction of a healthy China have continued to advance. It is also in response to the call of the national sports power, following the national sports theme ideas, allowing more people to participate and enjoy it, the long-planned first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province was officially put on the agenda, and officially on the next day of the beginning of autumn. Kicked off.

The first Shaanxi Badminton Carnival was hosted by Shaanxi Table Tennis Net Sports Management Center and China Minsheng Bank, organized by China Minsheng Bank Credit Card Center, China Minsheng Bank Xi’an Branch and Shaanxi Badminton Association, executed by Four Seasons Sports, and the chief cooperative media was Sports Media. Other cooperative media include Ersanli Information, Zhihu, etc. After the launching ceremony, the first Shaanxi Badminton Carnival will be officially launched in various urban areas of Shaanxi Province, and the event will be held for two months.

At the launching ceremony, the organizers not only invited Xu Peng, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Li Changjun, director of Shaanxi Suzaku Plaza Management Committee, Zhao Tingzhou, chairman of Shaanxi Badminton Association, and Zhu Minghao, deputy director of Shaanxi Bingyu Network Management Center, but also invited meritorious deeds. Coach Li Yongbo came to the event in person, and also attended the event were Tian Li, Deputy General Manager of Personal Finance Department of Minsheng Bank Head Office, Xue Wencai, President of Minsheng Bank Xi’an Branch, Wang Jianping, Business Director, and many leaders gave speeches to congratulate the first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province. expect.

In response to the national policy of national fitness and allowing more people to participate in the event, this badminton carnival will provide two forms of participation: an online sports event platform and an offline event. The event will be based on the “Minsheng Bank Sports Circle” applet to create an exclusive online badminton carnival area. The special area will carry out online activities including participation in prizes, badminton style display competitions, face-to-face with big players, etc. At the same time, relying on the advantages of the platform, The carnival will also actively carry out a variety of offline activities, including the “Minsheng Bank Cup” Shaanxi Provincial Staff Badminton Competition, Shaanxi Provincial Youth Badminton Championship, “Hundred Regiments Battle” Shaanxi Provincial Public Badminton Competition, National Doubles King Badminton Competition and community carnival, etc. . The development of online and offline activities will complement and support each other, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in sports and fitness through various forms, enhance people’s physique, and create a strong atmosphere for national fitness.

It is worth mentioning that the online competition platform of this badminton carnival – “Minsheng Bank Sports Circle” has already gained countless fans before the launching ceremony. This platform, which focuses on sports scenes and uses the “Minsheng Bank Sports Circle” applet as the carrier, has been successfully operating for nearly a year. It not only provides a number of online sports competitions, but also allows customers to participate in online check-in, team competition, etc. The sports circle also continues to combine major sports events to integrate standardized financial services and rights and sports and fitness across the border to meet the financial and non-financial needs of platform users. Because of its practicality and fun, it has been recognized by many sports enthusiasts in a short period of time, and the cumulative number of users has reached nearly 850,000. It is believed that with the help of this platform, the first badminton carnival in Shaanxi Province will be even more powerful and set off successfully.

Text/Photo by Xie Xiaoqiang



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