The horrifying details of the trial for Kobe Bryant, Vanessa cracks!

The trial between Vanessa Bryant and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office has just started, and it could last at least two weeks. The first indiscreetments have just leaked from the court, and the various testimonies are visibly horrifying. The Mamba’s widow did not take the shock…

Over two years ago, Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and family friends disappeared in a horrific helicopter crash on their way to a basketball game. All this time after the tragedy the case is not completely resolved, since Vanessa Bryant has decided to sue the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office for the dissemination of photos of her late husband.

And the big trial has started in recent days, in a fairly strong emotion. The widow of the Mamba, yet very strong since this disaster, has great difficulty hearing the various testimonies of the police, so much so that she had to leave the room and return home even before the end of the first hearings. . It must be said that the information revealed is terrifying. USA Today recount :

Photos of Kobe’s decapitated body have been circulating…

Vanessa Bryant had to leave the room after the testimony of a bartender, who explained how a young employee of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office showed her photos of the body of Kobe Bryant, two days after the accident. One of the Bryant family’s attorneys asked, “Did you see a human torso in the photos, shown as Kobe Bryant’s torso?” “. The answer was simple: “Yes. »

On the second day, another testimony was that of Luella Weireter, wife of a firefighter and cousin of Keri Altobelli, who also died in the crash. During an evening in February 2020, she says that a group formed around Tony Imbrenda, a barracks chief. He showed a bunch of pictures, like it was a magic trick. One person in the group reportedly said, “I can’t believe I’m looking at Kobe’s charred body before I go to eat.

During this testimony on the stand, Weireter was fighting against herself to hold back tears. In response to these words, Vanessa lowered her head, covered her face with her hands. She could not stay in the room to attend the last testimony of the day. If the photos were all deleted, they would still have been sent to 28 agents and several other firefighters.

On the first two days of the trial, which could still last two weeks, Vanessa Bryant did not have the strength to stay in the room until the end of the day, far too disturbed by the chilling details of the testimonies. Knowing that her late husband was in pieces, charred, must awaken such painful memories…

As she began to turn the page, Vanessa Bryant is plunged back into this drama which destroyed her family life. Faced with the different testimonies, the different descriptions of Kobe’s lifeless body, she finds it difficult to hide her emotions and keep her calm.



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