The great decision of Busquets

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Barça could offer him one more year of contract as compensation for assuming a new salary reduction

The midfielder was not sure whether to continue after his contract with the club ended this season

In an interview in Rac1 on March 31, Sergio Busquets acknowledged that he had doubts about his future. His contract ends when he finishes this season and after many years at the foot of the canyon and with a brutal demand, the Barça captain wants to meditate very well on the next steps of his football career. “I have to go step by step. I know I’m 33 years old. I’ll finish my contract. Hopefully I’ll play in the World Cup and then I’ll see how I’m doing, what the club wants, the coach… When the contract ends, maybe I’ll look good and the coach and the club want him to continue, but I, on the other hand, think the time has come to leave him. I don’t know, there are many combinations,” he said that day.

Busquets wanted time to think but the circumstances will force him to make a decision sooner than perhaps he had planned. PBecause the club has asked him for a new economic effort in the form of a new salary reduction to be able to register the new teammates and as compensation it cannot be ruled out that they offer him to extend his contract for another year, until June 30, 2024.

A meeting is scheduled today between Mateu Alemany, football director of the Barça club, and his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, to discuss the conditions of the possible salary reduction. The player’s collaboration in this aspect is total and the club are very optimistic that they will achieve an agreement, like the one they already have with Gerard Piqué. In fact, with the activation of the fourth lever and the discounts of two of the four captains, Barça hopes to have enough to register all the signings of the summer.

Despite his age, Sergio Busquets still looks in good shape and for Xavi he is an irreplaceable player in his scheme. In fact, in the squad there are few players of his profile and precisely this means that he plays almost everything. This season it will very possibly be Pjanic who will give him some relief because Nico González has asked to leave on loan to Valencia because he understands that he will have few options to play.

If in the end he has to leave at the end of this season, Busquets has already explained that he would not play in a team that could cross Barça’s path in European competitions. The MLS has tempted him on more than one occasion and the midfielder has never hidden that he is attracted to one day playing in the American league. He will soon have to make the decision.



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