The great comeback of German football

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In the summary of Mondial sports on Saturday: Football with the resumption of the championships in Europe, in particular in Germany, and Bayern by Sadio Mané; in Togo, a tournament in homage to “Doctor Kaolo”, the great star of the sparrowhawks of the 1970s, who died 50 years ago; in Burkina Faso, Kamou Malo, coach of AS Douanes; and Basketball with a salute in memory of Bill Russell (NBA), who died at 88.


– The championships are back all over Europe! Start of our tour of the weekend stadiums in Germany, where Sadio Mané’s Bayern were playing their 1is match of the season in Frankfurt.

– Munich where another African international has signed: the Beninese Désiré Sebge Azankpo, best friend of the Senegalese.

– We will also go to Togo, where a big tournament is taking place in homage to “Doctor Kaolo”, the great star of the hawks of the 1970s, who died just 50 years ago.

– In Burkina Faso, we found Kamou Malo: the former coach of the Stallions is now the coach of AS Douanes, which is competing in the Burkina Super Cup in Bobo Dioulasso.


– We salute the memory of NBA legend Bill Russell, who passed away at the age of 88.


– Finally, direction Nantes: one year before the Rugby World Cup in France, we will take the pulse of one of the host cities of the competition.



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