The former canton of Prémery is relaunching the agricultural shows in the district of Cosne, with a celebration of rurality

Three former cantons of Nièvre, including that of Prémery, are reviving to the rhythm of the comics this summer 2022, or a celebration of rurality. Whatever the name, the main thing is that the agricultural world and the municipalities have decided to continue to display their pride in representing the countryside. Because since 2020 and the Covid, these secular manifestations had simply disappeared from the landscape. Let’s rejoice!

“Hard to restart”

In the district of Château-Chinon, Moulins-Engilbert reopened the ball the first weekend of the month. Tannay will be at the relay on August 13 and 14, for the borough of Clamecy. And in that of Cosne, it is Prémery who will resume his turn on Saturday August 27th.

“It was very hard to restart, many municipalities were not in favor, admits Raphaël Haghebaert, the president of the association Festivities comice du Prémerycois. The Covid has hurt the dynamism in our campaigns. Momentum around animations has been cut. And the cut lasted two years. »

“For lack of human, material and financial resources, we abandoned the idea of ​​organizing a parade on Sunday. »

Raphael Haghebaert (President of the Festivities Comice association)

The 14 municipalities of the former canton of Prémery now in the large canton of La Charité,-sur-Loire, are finally all engaged in what will not be an agricultural show but a great celebration of rurality on a single day. A compromise which was imposed “for lack of human, material and financial means. We abandoned the idea of ​​organizing a parade on Sunday.

The party will have its queen, Fanny Beaume and her dauphines, Sarah Louvau and Isabelle Hennebert. They were elected in May at a ball. Since January the hard core of the association, made up of young and old farmers, the Prémerycois festival committee and mayors, no longer wanted to be afraid. Above all, “to bring together all of rurality”.

Two days in one

The opportunity to erase the stop of 2020 while “everyone was launched and there were even tanks being made”. Then the showered hope of 2021, with the gatherings banned by the prefecture: “Impossible already to bring together the committee 8-10 months in advance. »

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So on August 27, we will live two days in one. In a decorated part of the town of Prémery, there will be a local market, craftsmen and arts and crafts, archery, demonstration of hunting with hounds with a pack and other wood crafts. A circulation can be done over 2 km, in a horse-drawn carriage for the public as well as for the queen and the dauphines, towards La Castinière and the more agricultural part.

“Let’s hope that our territories will start moving again gradually. »

Raphael Haghebaert (empty)

At La Castinière, outdoor mass, plowing competition, threshing, exhibition of yesterday’s and today’s equipment are planned, in addition to an old-fashioned plowing competition if the volunteers are there. To take you until the night, to the balls, dinner dances and fireworks.

On this example, “hope that our territories will start to move gradually, continues Raphaël Haghebaert. It should be, they have become very sad.

4 in 2023. “We are off to four shows in 2023 in the Nièvre, unless the pandemic stops us in our tracks”, indicates Jean-Michel Blond, president of the show committee for the district of Cosne, farmer in La Celle-sur- Nievre. Of the four arrondissements, Cosne, Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier, Château-Chinon and, associated with Magny-Cours for a revival, Nevers took date.

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